Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At times like these I really just want to swear....

So we dropped our car off to be repaired on Dec. 18. The people were very nice and they seemed to know what was going on. They told us it would be finished on the 26th. When we called on the 26th, it wasn't finished, but instead was going to be until the 30th. Ok, I get things come up, they might be busy, might be understaffed, might have all these problems that they have to deal with; I get it. (it finally got to the point where we had to tell them, "We will be there at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday to pick up our car. Have it ready.") So we get there and we start looking at the car. They didn't fix the scratches on the mirror. (really!) There are 2 new scratches that I don't remember being there on the front fender (Really!) and there are big knicks on the moulding on the door (REALLY!!!!) At this point we wanted to talk with the manager of the body shop. I was so mad, but still trying to keep it under control. (In the great words of Mommy Dearest, "Don't f- with me boys!") So the guy, Jay (or something) says he can get it right in because it doesn't look like it will be that much to fix it. We inform him that we NEED it back by Friday because we both have work on Monday. Oh yeah no problem, it will be done, no worries. After we leave, he proceeds to call and tell us that we can come back and pick it up because he can't work on it til Tueday of next week! (that would be Jan 6th!) (REALLY???!!!) We explained that we aren't going to take the liability if something else happens so they can keep the car just get it done. By this point, I am so annoyed that they would just put us on the back burner. (oh and did I mention that they also found more damage on the front door that they didn't fix the first time! Yeah, they are real winners in my books by this time) Anyways, I think they realized that we aren't coming to get our car, they will fix it or we will totally be bugging them so it is best to just get us done quickly. Finally, to make the situation better, they decided to keep the car, offer us a rental car on Friday (they weren't going to at first because they weren't open on the weekend and it wouldn't make business sense to them to have to pay for a rental. I am glad they realized that it wouldn't be very smart at this point to treat us like crap, anymore) and get the car done as quick as possible. I am still hoping that this ends great and I will have nothing to say but great things, but I think they have a long way to go. I am seriously disappointed in our body shop and our insurance for referring us to them. (I won't drop names until I get my car finished and everything is all said and done. Hopefully all wrongs will be righted) Sorry to ramble on! :) I feel better now!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gram's Christmas Dinner

Dinner Table before we ate

Grams and Shawnee

On Saturday, Grams had her annual Christmas dinner.  (Due to the snow storm on Christmas, it was moved to Saturday.) Grams specialty is Roast. It was so tender and delicious. Great job, Char.  It was perfect! 

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was a little less hectic.  Christmas Eve starts off with dinner at Yia Yia's and Papou.  As always, it was delicious and fun.  Great to see everyone. For Christmas morning, we opened presents at Jim and Angie's.  Travis got from Santa a portable drawing desk. I got a lovely new set of knives.  After presents, we went back to Yia Yias and had breakfast.  She makes the best sticky buns for breakfast.  They are my all time favorites.  After breakfast, Trav, Kimi and I loaded into the car again and headed up to my parents house.  My mother had made a delicious ham and turkey for our Christmas dinner.  My Aunt Mari and David came over along with my sister Megan and her family.  It was nice to just relax the rest of the afternoon.  After it is all said and done, it feels like you need a vacation from your holiday.  Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts.  :) It was a really fun time to see and visit with everyone.  

Bird Feeder

Travis has started to feed the birds on our little patio. He will sit and crumble up crackers or whatever for them to eat.  So cute. Maybe we should just invest in some bird food. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Riddler

I attend school 4 days a week for at least 2-3 hours a day.  May not be a lot, but it is harder than you think because it is a work at your own pace classroom.  This means that you use your own means to get your class module finished.  I like to be the most anti-social being in the classroom and sit in my own little world and work on my computer. I don't have friends in class, I don't make small talk, I am there to learn Web Design and that is all. In other words I am a total beast. (It is a stretch for me, I know!)
There is one old lady, "The Riddler" in my class that attends on Monday- Wednesday.  She is clearly learning about computers and photoshop.  I would be fine with her in my class except for the fact that she like to ask the most ridiculous questions.  She yells at the computer, and asks it to work for her.  She pesters the teacher, (he is a very patient person, but you can tell there are some days he doesn' t want to deal with her.)  Today she started on one of her rants that included: which colors she should use for her project,  which program opens a certain file type, and if it was "Happy New Years" or "Happy New Year"!  It was when she started talking about what the history of figgy pudding " (From the Christmas Carol, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas") that I realized that I was so over this and was going to take an extra day for my winter break.   I think my best Christmas present this year will be an extra 3 hours away from the Riddler! 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stocking story

The greatest part about Christmas at the Tsukamoto's house was the stockings.  I always loved what Santa would bring me, like lip gloss, lotions, jewelry, and candy.  It was definetly the greatest moment on Christmas morning  and the part I still look forward to the most.  When I was young, and was the "mistake" of the family, I was always teasing my mom because she made "Wonder Woman" and "the Hulk" these beautiful stockings with all sorts sequins and bead work.  They were always so pretty to pull out of the ZCMI box they were stored in. Then mine would be pulled out. It was a wooly stocking with the letters of my name glued on it.  In the way of the Tsukamoto's we always gave my mom a hard time about it. The story was always the same about how my mom worked so hard and long on those stupid stockings that when I was born she couldn't do it again.  Finally, when I was about 20 or so, I recieved a wonderful present.... 
I loved it. It was great, all that I ever dreamed of. One thing, I love, I mean, LOVE my little wooly one.   I still put up both of them because they both have a special place in my heart! Thanks Mom! :) 
So to keep with the tradition of having great stockings for our family, I made Travis one a few years back.  It has on it a happy little penguin, a Spiderman charm, and of course his beloved Nintendo controller.  Happy Christmas! 

Diva Kimi!

That lump next to me under the covers is Kimi.
She likes to lay both on the ottoman and the couch. 
That is Kimi laying on the throw pillow. What dog actually uses pillows?!?
Here are some great pictures of our little Diva!  What a ham! 

Annual Christmas Cookie Day!

Cookie Day!!!
Travis making his meltaways
He even does the frosting. :) 

This is about Half of the  sugar cookies I made. 
Every year, I make a butt load of cookies for all my local friends and family. I make the sugar cookies and I am teaching Travis to make meltaways. I went through 3 pounds of butter, 2 and a half bags of  powdered sugar,  and 5 pounds of flour to make 2 batches of sugar cookies, 4 batches of meltaways and 4 batches of frosting for them all. I totally love to do it, but it gets harder to do every year because it seems like it is a bigger deal.   It makes me feel like Christmas is really here!  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Grossest thing of the day.

A client came out of the bathroom, and proceeded to make a cell phone call at the end of the hallway in front of my desk. As he started to talk, he put his hand down the back of his pants. Not like he was fixing his belt, but like he was fixing his underwear or the back of his jeans. I just kinda was taken back and laughing (again) in my head at such an odd event. What person does that in public? I made sure when he asked for validation, that I let him put his own stickers on and I didn't touch anything of his! There isn't enough sanitizer in the world!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Go speed racer, go go speed racer....

Poor Back Door :(
That is the sound wall out the window
This morning as we were driving to my parents house for Sunday dinner, we got into a little bit of a wreck.  It was a snowy morning and the roads were slushy. I changed lanes from the far right lane to the middle lane, when I started fish-taling to my left, across 2 lanes. I got us out of that fishtale only to over correct and ended up doing a full 360 to our right.  We ended up off the road and within like an inch of the sound wall.  Thankfully, (and I mean that our guardian angel was working overtime this morning) we were all ok.  As we were spinning, we missed every car and were lucky to only see the oncoming traffic coming toward us instead of hitting into any of them. (Oh and also for the first time ever, I didn't get a ticket when the police came!) Also the only damage was on the back door and the back bumper. Seriously, I am just so happy that everyone I love was alright. Kimi was the most scared. While we were waiting for the Highway Patrol to stop, some snow plows went by and Kimi started to shake and her ears were pinned to her head. (she started shaking again when we were getting towed out of the mud and snow and back onto the road also.)  So to recap, Travis is fine, Kimi is fine, my car is hurt, but drivable, and I am going to become a stunt driver! Call me Speed!  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ring Christmas Bells

Last night, my parents and us went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. It was the first time we have ever gone to this event. It was amazing. The concert included Brian Stokes Mitchell, who is a broadway singer. He has a beautiful voice. There was also another guy Edward K. Herrmann (who does a lot of voice over) who told stories toward the end of the program. It was a great experience.

The one thing that got me was before the show. Church President Thomas S. Monson was in attendance and came in with his family. When he walked in the entire 21,000 people in attendance when dead silent. I am not talking about polite quietness, like at a golf game, but like not a word, not a movement, not a cough in the entire house. It seemed surreal almost. That kind of respect is not shown very often. It was very impressive.
It was fun night. I love to go to events that none of us have ever been to. Inside the conference center was gorgeous. Very impressive!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy Postal Worker

This holiday season, I have been going to a little post office in North Salt Lake for all my stamps and such. There is a little old man that tells the craziest stories every time I have been in there. The first time I went in there I was buying some postcard stamps that have fruit on them (like mangos, and starfruit). The little old man started talking about some fruit that is Japanese and is like an apple/plum hybrid thing. I don't know but it was funny. He was totally trying to sell me on how delicious it was (which i don't doubt the fruit would be, but it was pretty funny on how he was talking about it. ) Anyways, today I went in to mail a package. There was a line of about 5 people and this guy isn't the fastest worker. (he seems to have all the time in the world) I was about 3rd in line. He starts telling the lady at the front about how women are very perceptive about the situation and loading the dishwasher at his house. Once he started talking about loading his dishwasher, the old lady behind me in line let out an audible groan. I found the whole situation funny. I bet she has heard a few "Asian fruit stories"! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Poor Roxy

So as I walked into my house to say hello to my wonderful dog, I heard a howling coming from outside. We live in an apartment complex and they allow dogs. Now I understand that most people don't care for their animals as much as I care for my Kimi. I get that people are busy and some dogs don't get extra TLC. The incredibly sad noise that I heard was from the sweet pitbull 2 floors up. Maybe it was because she was lonely, maybe it was because she was hungry or thirsty, MAYBE IT WAS THE FACT THAT IT WAS SNOWING AND THE POOR DOG HAD NO WHERE TO GO OUT OF THE WEATHER!!! (and this pitbull doesn't have a thick coat of fur) (Travis actually called and reported them to the apartment complex) I hate it when animals get mistreated. I feel very strongly about this probably because I can't even imagining treating Kimi this way even though mistreatment is the start to her story. Her litter of 9 and her mom were left in a house after the owners just moved out and left them locked in there. The neighbors were feeding the mom through one of the screens in the house when they called Wasatch Humane. What kind of person leaves newborn puppies and their mom locked in a house? There is a special spot in hell for those people. Anyways, I saw the management from the Apartment complex go to their house before I left for work, but I don't know if anything is going to be done. If nothing gets done, I am definetly going to report them to the humane society. Poor Puppy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree....

Breakfast Weekend!

This weekend, we ended up going to breakfast with our parents.  On Saturday, Jim and Angie came and we went to The Original Pancake House in SLC.  It was really good.  They had awesome homefries.  (Sorry, I didn't bring my camera for that one.)  After breakfast, we went to the Gateway, which was nice because we ended up getting one of those dvds with a fake fire on it.  It is the most ghetto fabulous thing ever, but hey, we do what we can until we can get a real fireplace. :)  Then on Sunday, my parents came down and we went to this quaint little restaurant, Blue Plate Diner. It was pretty delicious. It was a lot like the restaurant that I worked in in Ogden, Snappy Service. If I would have taken the opportunity and run that diner, it would have been a lot like this place.  My dad kept commenting on the fact that everyone was pierced and had tattoos, but were a very happy crew.  He was doing some serious people watching while we were eating.  We ended up again at the Gateway.  I love Christmas shopping and it was fun. There weren't a lot of people there at all, which was a little odd. 
Thanks guys it was a great weekend! :) 

Friday, December 5, 2008

The reason I am going to hell....

So a guy named Hu (pronounced Who) just came into the firm. I was trying to locate the attorney and all I could play in my head was the Abbott and Costello bit, "Who's on first?" The client was Asian and that makes it even more funny to me. I am sitting her just laughing to myself because I keep playing in my head how the conversation would have gone. "Hello this is Molly at the front desk and there is a Hu waiting for you?" The secretary would say, "Who?"
Molly: "Yeah that is right." And this would continue on for a while until I would just completely lose it. I am so amused right now, and I think the fact that it is Friday has something to do with it, too. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Christmas Decor....

So like many people we have a Nativity scene as part of our Christmas decor.  I have married a man that loves everything comicbook-geeky stuff.  After visiting Smiths Marketplace last weekend, Travis wanted to add to our Christmas decor.  :) 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So one of the legal secretaries just walked past my desk from the break room, said nothing to me and then called me to ask me a question when she got back to her desk 1 minute later. REALLY???!!!! She is a little bit of a raunch so I won't press it but I just thought to myself, why couldn't you just ask me that when you go by... whatever.
I have also realized that I think with all the brains that are around here there are a lot of little weird tendencies. A lot, I mean A LOT of the attorneys talk to themselves. Not like one or two words, but like sentences and conversations. It is a riot. They also tend to notice the little things (which is why they are all good attorney's) One of the younger attorneys just stopped in the foyer because the grout in the granite tiles is a different color. And he said he has always noticed it. Hillarious!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


My Dad has decided to send my Mother, Amy, Megan and me to Scotland as a retirement present to my mom.  We are hopefully going to go in June for about 14 days (maybe 16).  So exciting, but kinda sad because husbands aren't going. It is like a girls vacation for us. It is really far and will be a long time to be gone, but it is so exciting and generous for my dad to do that for us. :) I can't wait. My Aunt, Mari has been over there a few times and has helped us plan a route we might go on.  My mom and me have already gotten books and have looked up some of the sights.  I hope I can meet up with my friend Christine. She lives in Germany (right now she lives in India, but that is a whole other story)  and hopefully she will be able to meet up with us in London or something.   I hope this will all work and we don't kill each other. :) You know how siblings can get!  No it will be an awesome experience and great memories. Thanks, Dad! 

Pecan Pies are tough cookies to bake

My first attempt at a pecan pie.  I think I cooked it too long.   It was still good, but I need to try again. :) 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Our Table Setting, nothing too fancy.  (Oh and BTW, Mom, there were enough placesettings before you messed with my table!) ;)  
Travis drawing before dinner
The Hardman Boys all dressed up! :) 
The "Kiddie" Table
Our version of the Norman Rockwell Painting. 

Our Thanksgiving went well. All the cooking was wonderful. We had a great cheese tray for an appetizer (Thanks Mari)  and there were no major disasters.   I know all the cooking stuff will bore, but I made all homemade dishes this year.  Usually when I do that I end up making two dishes one of the old and one of the new dish (like gravy I usually make some packet gravy and some homemade gravy or with the stuffing I would have done Stovetop and homemade) But this year I decided we needed to be more minimalist, and made the executive decision that we were going to risk it and eat all that we had.  It was so much easier. Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Turkey, Potatoes, Gravy and that was it. Delicious.  The only problem tends to be my mom sometimes. She always likes to be busy and it ended up that she started rearranging the table saying there wasn't enough spots.  (Thankfully I took a picture after I had set the table--- proof, to leave my table alone I know how to count!!! )  No, I know she was just trying to be helpful, but I swear she is a such a meddler.  She is a great mom, very good at doing the "mom" thing (you know sometime getting into things that she shouldn't bother with) and sometimes she just causes trouble. Travis likes to call me and my mom Lucy and Ethel (from the I Love Lucy Show)  because we usually plot and plan together. For her Thanksgiving antics,  she was all along causing trouble. That is my mom!  Love her to death! Thanks for letting me use your kitchen.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I think everyone at my work thinks I am crazy. I just sit at my little desk all day and people watch and smile at their little intricacies. I love to watch the people as they wait for the elevator. Some get so nervous and pace while others flip their security cards around. The different clients that arrive, the high profile ones show up in sweats and other ones try to impress with their Tiffany necklaces and Coach bags, are all pretty entertaining. It is all about appearances and how they want the world to view them. It is funny because there are times when their insecurities sneak through the facade. It could be a simple insecure glance out of the corner of their eye or the way that they try to fix their coats or jackets. They are all fighting their own little stuggles and I am just watching them go by. And that is all rushing through my head as they walk by and the reason I sit there with my crazy little smile.

My virtual fridge to hang my work on....

Here are a few of the things I have been working on in Class.... I love Photoshop!  I had to fix an old picture so I did one of my Great Grandmother, Fumi, and my Grandma, Dits.  It turned out pretty well,  but took me forever.  I then used some of the filters to "grunge up" a wedding pict. (honestly I am over the wedding pictures but it was the only pictures I had on my thumb drive and I am actually happy I used it because it turned out pretty good)   

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Uprising caused by a Tumor!

So after all this time the thing I have to do to get my family read this blog is to write stories about them. I understand that they would be more excited to read it if it was about them, but I had no idea it would cause the feud between sisters!  (We aren't in a fight, but apparently, I owe one of my sisters a heavy "apology" coffee and something else that is yet to be determined. Freakin' baby!)  My other sister, Wonderwoman, was a little shocked that I put the diva picture of her on here. But she added some insight as to why Hulk is the way that she is.  She said she alway used to squish her (like in the picture of her sitting on the Hulk).  Whatever that means!  My mom just seems to find it funny about all of it and I don't think my Dad has been able to take any time to look at it because he is too busy playing Bejeweled.  :)  
The Hulk seems to think it is funny to call me "tumor" in her comment.   And that is because I was a little bit of a mistake.  My mom called up my aunt, The Nurse, and said that she wasn't feeling well and said she thought she had cancer.  The Nurse laughed and said that the cancer will come out in about 9 months and to go see her doctor. And sure enough in nine months, the best thing that ever happened to my family was born!  lol (I am sure that will get a rise out of em!) And that is the story of how I came to be and why my sister called me the Tumor. (Another name she has had for me include Unihorn, but that one is for another day) 

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hulk and Wonder Woman!

The Divas
The Hulk and Wonder Woman
I am so scared I am trying to hide from her!
See how the Hulk controls! 
Again with the controlling!
Wonder Woman knows how to control too!
The Hulk and Wonder Woman

So tonight I called one of my sisters who was having a discussion with her oldest child about a sleepover.  My Niece wanted to have a sleep over and my sister (who told me that she will make me pay if I use her name on here. So instead of using her name I will just call her, um.... The Hulk.)  told her no because they had family pictures tomorrow to take.  I know it is the responsible thing to have Kaity miss her sleepover, but also I remember what it was like to be a kid. I played devils advocate and told Kaity that I remember some of  the not responsible things that The Hulk had done. Lets see if I can remembered some of them.  She flooded my parents kitchen cabinets having a water fight with some kids in the neighborhood.  Her friend and her locked me in a dog kennel when I was about 6.  Both the Hulk and Wonderwoman made me ride around in a the back of a Chevette (in like the hatchback) while they went on a trek across Weber and Davis county to find bumper stickers for a radio station.  Wonderwoman tied me to a vacuum one time.  Maybe Kaity should call Grandma and ask about the grease spot on her couch in her living room that is a reminant from a party the Hulk threw.   I know the Hulk is going to freak about this, but I think it is only fair.  :) I love my sisters to death and am happy to have them in my life. For all the "mean things" they did to me, there were a lot of times that they were good to me.   :)  Maybe next time you should cut the kid some slack and let her go to her sleepover! ;) 

Apparently, dogs love yarn too....

So what happens when you leave Kimi alone in a house with two new skeins of yarns?  Yeah she is so proud she is howling at me telling me how awesome it was to play with it and pull out all her toys too!  

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kimi's Dream Day in the Dog Park!

One of my assignments for photoshop. :) 


I have to thank Kerry from radio from hell for intoducing me to this song it is unintentionally funny watch it all the way through!

ZAP! lol

Loves and Happy Thoughts 

Ok so now that I have vented, I feel it is only right to say some things that make me happy or are thankful for. 
  •  Saturday mornings when I can wake up, have a cup of coffee and surf the web for hours. 
  • When I make a treat or dinner, it is the best when someone acknowledges it, especially if they like what they are eating. 
  • When I come home, Kimi runs to to the bedroom and waits for me to come in and change out of my work clothes. She sits there and makes her dog noises with her stuffed toy in her mouth.  
  • I love talking to my mom on the way home from work.  She is such a goof.  Her stories about my dad, her hair lady, or nail lady, or coworkers always crack me up.  She is my best friend and mom, how lucky could I be!?! 
  • After dinner, I love to snuggle with Travis and watch my girl shows (like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) I love it even more when he critiques the dancers on Dancing with the Stars!  It is a riot.
  • Sundays when we have family dinners, I love when we all get together and can joke and laugh with each other. 
  • When Travis tries to cook, and messes up on something (rice pilaf read the box!) and we laugh about it. 
  • When Trav and I laugh about stupid things until we cry, that is the best. 
  • When I create something really good in Photoshop that Trav can't even tell what I have done makes me happy. 
  • I love right before the alarm goes off when Kimi, Trav and I snuggle until it is time to wake up. 
There are many other things too that I love, but these are the first that popped into my head! 

Hates and annoying things....

As I sit here after cleaning my house, I realize that I have a few things that are bugging me (as a disclaimer, these are not things that are bad enough for me to hate, leave, or never speak to you again... they are just my pet peeves at the moment.) 
  • When you hand wash dishes, please, please, please wash the pans last and use really hot soapy water so they come out clean and not with a thin layer of grease on them. 
  • When someone says "have a good night" to you, please respond with something more than just "yeah."  I understand you are an attorney and I am a lowly receptionist, but it just makes you seem like a serious douche and is just bad manners.  
  • If you have a family, please don't complain about your children or family life.  Some of us are fertility challenged and don't want to hear about how your kids are driving you up a wall when we would be thankful to have a child.
  • When I clean the house, this is not a free invitation to pull out all your toys that I have put away.  (This is aimed at Kimi, Travis doesn't pull out his action figures very often!) 
  •  If someone invites you to be a friend on facebook, the polite thing to do is accept them.  This is a golden rule for family members which you should always accept.  Oh and if both members of a couple invites you to be friends, you should accept BOTH of them.  (Yeah, I don't even think the person that is intended to will even respond or care) 
  • Oh, if you don't accept the invitation to be friends with someone, DON'T expect that person will ever make home made goodies for you.  (No cookies for you!!!!) ;) No, but for reals.
  • When someone offers to do the laundry, it includes putting away all the clothes as well as washing them. 
  • And lastly, I hate the feeling like I am behind on life because we don't have a house and kids.  I am only 28 and still have plenty of time to get either of those.  
I feel better getting those off my chest. Again they are not meant to hurt anyones feelings, but just simply to make me feel better. :) Thanks for listening

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

I look forward to having President Obama leading us into the next 4 years (at least).  I hope that there will be a more unified America now because it has seemed that there is a huge rift throughout the country.  I think what is best for the country is to stand together and move forward. I don't know about anyone else, but it has seemed like there has been a huge black cloud lingering over everyone lately.  Everyone seems gloomy and glum. They have been depressed about rising costs of everything (gas and groceries to name a few), the downfall of our economy and the future and where they fit into it all.  I hope this will help everyone break out of their slump, regardless of who you voted for.  I know it makes me feel a little better because hopefully we will be led into a positive direction. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Last post today, I promise.

So I made 2 pies with different crusts.  The one that won was a recipe out of my Everyday Food magazine. It was a basic pie crust and here is the recipe. 

Basic Pie Dough

This recipe makes enough dough for one double-crust pie or two single-crust pies.


2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, (spooned and leveled)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
16 tablespoons cold (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
1/4 to 1/2 cup ice water

In a food processor, combine flour, salt, and sugar; pulse to combine. Add butter; pulse until mixture resembles coarse meal, with just a few pea-size pieces of butter remaining.
Sprinkle with 1/4 cup ice water. Pulse until dough is crumbly but holds together when squeezed with fingers (if necessary, add up to 1/4 cup more water, 1 tablespoon at a time). To help ensure a flaky crust, do not overprocess.
Transfer half of dough (still crumbly) onto a piece of plastic wrap. Form dough into a disk 3/4 inch thick; wrap tightly in plastic. Refrigerate until firm, at least 1 hour (and up to 3 days). Repeat with remaining dough. (Disks can be frozen, tightly wrapped, up to 3 months. Thaw before using.) Makes 2 disks.

It is super easy and quick. :) Hope you all enjoy. 

What is on my mind....

Pie.  I have two beautiful pumpkin pies with 18 minutes left until their gorgeous finish.  I am trying two recipes for the crusts: one is Trav's Yia Yia's recipe and the other is from my Everyday Food Magazine. (I am excited for both of them) I am doing this in preparation for the big day!  Not Christmas, or some other get together, but the big one, the mother of all cooking days, the day I wait for all year, that I plan in my head for months before---- THANKSGIVING!!!!!!  I sit and can picture the spread of the table- what I will axe from the menu, what I will add.  Scouring all my October and November magazines, I will spend hours planning how I will create the perfect meal that everyone will stop and say, "Wow, that was the best thing I have ever eaten.  I mean ever!"  That is my goal.  That is my hope.  It means a lot when my father, who never really comments on anything, says to my mother that she should take lessons on how to make gravy from me!   I want people to compare their turkeys that they eat for the rest of the year to the beautiful, moist bird I set on the table.  One day when I am rich, I am going to buy the most wonderful set of dishes along with a elegant table just so that I can have the perfect dining room all set and ready to go for my guests. (I am talking like the ones in the Norman Rockwell paintings or the ones in Martha Stewart Magazine, the ones with totally too many plates and glasses, but it looks so gorgeous before anyone sits down) 
Cooking this one dinner is the one thing in this world that I can do and I will say it (even though it makes me sound seriously vain) well.  Being in the kitchen cooking, puts me in a zen like state where I really don't care what is happening.  (unless it is taking place in MY kitchen, then I turn into a mix between the Incredible Hulk and Martha Stewart) 
So, in 5 minutes when my pies come out, it will be the first test of my dishes. Let the Holiday season start.  To me, this month is the most wonderful time of the year!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blogger's block

I have so much I want to talk about, but am not sure where to start. So if there are any suggestions from the 2 people that read this blog, ;) please feel free to ask me any questions that you would like.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello all! Travis here giving you the dirt on our slc ghost tour. It began behind the rio grande railroad station, it was a first for the three of us, Molly, myself and jt. The first major difference was the mode of transportation... the ogden ride consisted of a big yellow school bus, while the slc transport was a big travel bus equipped with televisions personal ac... the works, normally used to take the elderly to wendover aka: the fun bus. We learned of the shilo inn where a mother threw her kids out of a window, the rio station where a purple lady died on the railroad tracks and hasnt left the station, and the likes here are the orbs that we captured on our tour.