Saturday, May 30, 2009

I hear the secrets that you keep, when your talking in your sleep...

I love my sleep. I sleep hard and have luckily never had any sleep problems.  The one downfall is that when I have things on my mind, that is when the evil Molly comes out. When I worked at a clothing store and hated it, I would wake up in the middle of the night and order my husband to fold that stack of t-shirts again.  I have had full on conversations with him about things like snakes and other stuff. I have yelled at him when he laid down on the bed and told him that he was a big elephant and to quit moving.  Last night, I woke up and told him to listen to the glasses that were rattling, which of course there were no glasses.  
The only way I know that any of these things have happened is because my husband tells me later about our "exchanges".  I have no recollection of any of this happening. Weird! I should just be thankful that my evil Molly only rears her head when the "nice" Molly is asleep.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh to be a dog....

Every weekend we try to make some special "Kimi" time. We try to find something good to for her to do.  (Yes, we are one of THOSE couples that likes to pamper our pet.) We figure that she is such a good dog during the week, (ie she didn't rip apart anything or eaten anything that she wasn't suppose to (like drawing pencils or sharpies)) that she should be rewarded.  I love to take her to the dog park.  It is a such a fun place to go and experience society.  There are always the "social butterflies", the "recluse", the "low-self esteem", the "bully", the "follower".  All of these groups are the dogs, not their owners. (although most of owners do reflect what their dog is.)  I love to see how Kimi fits into the scheme of things. She is always hesitant at first (Travis says she needs to warm up a bit.) It is a overwhelming when you first enter because all the other dogs rush over to see you and sniff you. (although Kimi gets all the  cold noses in her bum so I understand how she could need a little time to warm up.) After the initial "warm-up" is over, she runs around and (I would like to think) is the social butterfly. You can just picture in your head Kimi running and checking in with everyone making sure they are alright and happy with what is going on.  She is pretty mellow once she settles in, then we can watch all the other dogs. It is so funny to watch all the different personalities work out their differences and still have a good time. There is no bitterness and hatred toward anyone (and the backbiting only happens for a sec then they realize that isn't going to accomplish anything!), they work it out and move on.  If only the world were more like a dog park, minus the sniffing and cold noses.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random stuff from the weekend...

This weekend has been a busy one.  We have visited both sets of parents,  went to an outdoor concert, did a little work, had a movie night (watching the Terminator, and Star Trek Undiscovered Country), a barbeque, breakfast with my best friend, the dog park, dinner at a new pizza joint.  Fun for us, nothing to complain about.   The best part of everything is of course the laughter.  We were lucky enough to have our camera with us to help tell this story.  
As I said we watched the Terminator.  This last week, a billboard was put up in on our drive to work/school that shows a "highway patrol man" on a billboard that read, "I see you Mr. drunk driver." It is a very strong billboard, but maybe the timing might not be the best.  With all the advertisements for the new Terminator movie that was released last weekend, both my husband and I came home and asked each other if we had seen it. We both laughed because immediately our minds went to the Terminators and how we pictured it coming after us.
  (Imagine seeing a "Highway patrol man" chasing you down to pull you over.) It would be even more disturbing if you were actually drunk to see this thing chasing you down.  So that was good for a laugh.  Then the next day we were driving to work/school and noticed that the mannequin was gone/missing.  That was even more funny because then it seemed to come true that the "highway patrol man" really did go after someone.  Thankfully yesterday he had returned to his post and we were relieved that he was back looking for more drunk drivers. 

The other hysterical thing was as we were driving home from the pizza place, we were stopped at a red light.   We looked over and saw this car...
It looks like it is screaming or angry.  We both started laughing and we came to the conclusions that it was screaming because it was priced at $32000  (and was a Nissan) and it thought it was too much money. 
Anyways, I hope everyone had a safe Memorial day weekend.   

Friday, May 22, 2009

The last straw....

This week has gone by pretty fast... today I have the horrible feeling is going to drag. I know I always complain about my work, and seriously it isn't bad. Just today I have been so annoyed by people not saying goodbye when they are done talking to me. I have had like the past 4 phone calls with co-workers fail to do this small feat. This is not usually a big deal, but I fear that if it continues on, I will snap and call the person back to scream to them, "GOOD-BYE!" (Don't fear, I think this blog will relieve any anger that has built up! :))
I think people are so excited for the weekend that they have simply forgotten their manners. I hope they all come back after the holiday! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thing of the day....

This morning at about 11:15, I heard this loud pop outside my apartment.  I was going to ignore it but I realized that maybe someone ran into my car that was parked. (thankfully nothing happened to my good ol' Malibu.)  Instead, as I walked to the stoop, there was a scooter on the sidewalk. There were two 17 or 18 year olds kinda arguing about if the brake had been applied before they apparently hit into a the tree in our front yard.  They were a little banged up and bruised but otherwise alright.  (a little road rash from a tree never killed anyone, right?)  So I did my good deed for the day and asked if everyone was alright, and if they needed me to call anyone. They said no, but later when I was taking Kimi out to do her business, the boy came up and asked if he could get some tylenol.  I gave him some and asked again if he was alright. All his reply was, "I would have been if I didn't let her drive." :) 
An overall weird experience, but at least everyone was alright except for the poor little scooter which had a broken front fender and headlight. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Burned around the edges....

I think it might be the time of season but I have been seriously burned out about everything. I have been struggling with my code in class, my job is a bit stagnant, and I just wish there was something exciting going on right now. (I know you will say what about Europe, but that is a month away, I need a fix now!) ;)

Anyways, I think I need to just be positive right now and be happy with what is going well... and here are a few funny things that have been going on.

I went to buy my brother in law a card and while I was in the store, I heard singing. (like hymnal singing, loud hymnal singing) It ended up being the guy that was sweeping the floors. (I swear only in Utah would someone being sweeping the floors in a grocery store at 6:00 pm singing.)

At Kohl's I was looking for a pair of tennis shoes to wear while in Europe, I tried on like 20 pairs because my husband would tell me to walk around to see if the shoes were comfortable. As I would walk around I would find other shoes to try on hence creating a long shopping trip of shoe-trying-on experiences.

My husband's friend, Matt came up with a great name for what I do when I (and apparently his wife) reads blogs. The new word is Blog-stalking. Great description of meeting new people and finding out all their business via their informative blog.

Today when I went up to O-town, I started talking with some of my Weber County co-workers and miss them because they seriously crack me up. I don't know how the conversation can contain everything from Cynthia Nixon, American Idol, Yiddish, Rusty Spoons, Mike Myers, Jimmy Fallon, my post-it note obsession, and a stinky tree in a yard. Classic. It is conversations like that that used to make me laugh so hard I would cry on a weekly basis. :)

We have started eating at the Curry shop in SLC. Every time we go there they are not rude, but definetly not "warm-fuzzies" Everytime we leave, we say that they weren't as mean as last time. Apparently, the thought of good curry will negate any customer service qualms I have. :)

On Friday after Trav's Birthday party, we (Trav, JT, some co-workers, and myself) went to my sister-in-law's boyfriend, "Gifted" perform at the Hookah Lounge in SLC. He is rapper. It was way fun and was definetly hillarious to be able to gossip with some people that know some scandal going on around the JW. It was also great to go and dance and drink the night away. Good times and I can't wait for the next performance because he rocked the venue. Way fun time. (Also remember I have photographic proof of the "Craziness" of the night!) ;)

I am sure things will get better. It just seems like it is slim-pickin's for excitement right now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Travis' Birthday Bonanza!

For Travis' Birthday I made him a USS Enterprise cake. The entire construction took me about 3 hours to get it all cut and frosted.  This was my Everest!  While it wasn't very big, it was the end-alls of end-alls.   (this was definitely the most technical of the cakes I have made for him, some of which include a Mushroom from Mario Brothers Video Games, the scene from Star Wars where ObiWan is fighting with Aniken in the Lava and also a Batman cake with the emblem in Black and yellow frosting. (getting a real black frosting is another trial)) 
We had a nice birthday party with Trav and our family.  We went to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner than back to our house for cake and ice cream. It was way fun! :) Thanks to everyone who came. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! :)

Luck for me my husbands birthday is today and our anniversary is on Saturday.  It hits at once. I am a big supporter of videos ever since I learned how to make them on my laptop. (Thank you apple!) I hope it isn't too long and is at least a little entertaining.  
Thanks Travis for putting up with me!  Love ya.  Happy Birthday (pictures to come of my USS Enterprise cake for his party on Friday) and Happy Anniversary!   

Friday, May 8, 2009

Caught off guard....

So Travis didn't know I was filming.  I bet this is what Travis sounded like when he was a little kid.  Hillarious!

What happens when adults play with action figures.

Rabid Ewoks eating and dismembering another action figure. 
Do you think Kimi thinks we are crazy?

Kimi eating a troll

Robin getting eaten by Kimi (it is ok because it is only the Chris O'Donnell Robin character)

Getting dirty with action figures. (it is a girl and a boy) 

Kimi getting jacked up by Rambo

This is why we should go and spend $1 on a Redbox instead of tormenting our animal! :) 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love it!!!

I love the fact that some secretaries around here are a couple degrees below useless. When I was trained, I was taught when I have someone here for an Attorney, I call their secretary FIRST. My job is not to keep track of YOUR attorney. It is not my fault that YOUR attorney didn't tell you about the meeting. Yes, I will page them, but I can't leave my desk to track down YOUR responsibility and to do YOUR job!
I love when I need a signature from some "important" person at my work, that I have to call at least 5 people to get a hold of one of them.
I love the fact that when I FINALLY get ahold of someone he makes the process server wait for about 30 minutes.
I love that when the process server has to leave because he can't wait any longer and I call the said "important" person that his response is "oh yeah, I was suppose to come up there." Classic!
I love when I say "hi" to certain people they look at me like I'm a cockroach! Yes I am a lowly receptionist and I don't deserve any respect whatsoever! Thank you for putting me in my place.
I love when I call someone to tell them an appointment is here/a question regarding their work/ or some other business related call and they hang up without saying good-bye.
I love hearing stories about how some ass-hat of an Attorney is treating one of my friends like dirt and nothing will come of it. He is such a peach of a person.
Now my real loves.....
I love the fact that when I tell my Dad to help me create a cake stand for my husband's U.S.S. Enterprise Cake for his birthday he goes and buys a toy so he can look at it closer and figure out the logistics.
I love when my co-workers come by to actually talk to me. (and we actually get to chat when there isn't any phones ringing)
I love that Kimi was so happy to go on a car ride this morning that she actually closed her eyes to let the wind cover her face.
I love that my husband is dressing up for a contest at work for the best Star Trek costume. (with a chance to win $75 as first prize)
I like the nice process servers that come in a bring me a piece of candy just because. (they are seriously just being nice).
It isn't that bad.... I just try to focus more on the good stuff! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ghosts of the past

With all the new technology in the world,  it is hard to get away from the past.  Facebook, twitter, blogs, myspace... hard to forget with all the ways to be sucked back into it.  Why is it that high school could be such a dreary time in most people's life, but they will add people from that time as "friends" on facebook.   I know I could simply ignore them or block them, but I feel bad on some level, like I should be nice to some of the people that were less than nice to me.  There are times when it is great to touch base with actual friends, people who you did hang out with and simply lost track of over time. But the ones that were less than nice, or the relationship ended on a bad note, those are the ones that I think about later and wonder "why did I accept their friendship?" Is there a point in time where you should just forgive and forget when it comes to the past. I am the type of person to play things over and over again in my head. I think that some how if  I would have reacted differently, that it would have been a better/different/final outcome.  If I were to say, "block" the new friend, would that say something about me and how I feel about my past?  Or would it simply say that I am still living in high school?  And let me give the disclaimer that my life, as with most peoples, is FAR better now than it was way back when. I have a loving husband, a great dog and a wonderful life. I wouldn't change anything for what I have now.   I just sometime wonder if it wouldn't be better if the ghosts of the past would seriously just stay there. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh the places you'll go...

This Saturday we went to a Roller Derby.  (we haven't really been into it before and so we wanted to see what it was all about.)  It was pretty funny, but unfortunately the team we were rooting for apparently didn't show up. It was Salt City Derby Girls vs. Junction City  Train Wrecks (which they were.) We were hoping the Junction City team from Ogden, were going to win.  After the first half we knew that probably wouldn't happen, the score was like 120 to 14!  The final score was 203 to 49.  Pathetic and not nearly as ruthless as you would have thought. It was also a lot more dirty than I would have thought. Some of their names were really, um original. ;)  
After the roller derby, we took trax back to our car. We stopped by the KUTV 2 news window. Travis and JT
 ran up and started pulling all sorts of goofy faces. Hillarious!  Brian Mullahy, the news anchor, actually turned around and
 acknowledged them there. It was so funny.  I was so proud to see my husband on the news for being a total dork!  Classic Sodermoto activities to have a night full of laughter. Thanks for coming with us to the derby, J.  Tons of fun! 

Friday, May 1, 2009


We have all been influenced by our other half's.  It is just inevitable that we end up picking up some traits from them, after all they are usually the one that you spend the most time with.  

My husband is a glorified geek. The first time I saw his room, he had anime posters covering his walls. (I still dated him, although I was seriously worried about what else he might be into.)  I soon learned that he not only loved anime (oh for those people who don't know what that is, it is Japanese Animation/cartoons), he LOVED comic books (and hopes to draw comic books one day). While he didn't collect as many as he once did, he knew all about them. 

I have sat through numerous comic-book movies with him, including all of the Spidermans, Superman Returns, Batmans (both newer movies), Ironman, Hellboys (one and two), The Hulks,  Xmen's, and any other one that has come out in the 6 years we have been together. I have sat through countless conversations about Batman's 'cool' new toys... how Spiderman really didn't have the web coming from his hands (but rather from a cool invention he had created, after all he is a scientist)... how they totally did the Phoenix wrong in the last X-men.  

Before tonight, I have never really thought of myself as a geek. I didn't even consider myself a geek when I beat a comic book based video game (Marvel Alliance).  I think I have been in geek-denial all these years, or maybe I hadn't fully come into my own as a true geek until tonight.  

After watching X-Men Origins, Wolverine, I have never been so mad at a movie for ruining a great character. It isn't Wolvie, but another character who is smart, sarcastic and seems to be the long lost brother I didn't know I had. All the way driving home, I just kept saying how I was so mad that they had ruined such a great character.  And then it dawned on me, I am so mad only because I care.  And that was the epiphany.... I, Molly T. Soderquist, is a geek (or is it geek-ette, there aren't many females in this group, I fear).   From this day forth, I will happily listen to all the conversations about Tony Stark and his alcoholism, and how S.H.I.E.L.D is going to create such a great band of superheros,  and how Jean Grey and Cyclops have a child, named Cable.  Thank you, X-Men Origins movie for enlightening me and helping come to grips with my inner geek!