Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I know you will all be jealous to hear that I am in the process of packing my house up. :) Nothing better than taking stock of all you own and placing it in boxes to move it 15 minutes down the road. Please for the love of all that is holy, please remind me of how much fun it is to pack next time I decide that we need to move. I will be so much happier next Tuesday when I will have had a few days in our new place, and a few days to clean our old home. Oh, to dream! :) The boxes are calling my name, I better go.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little love poem

On this Valentine’s Day, I started to think about my sweet Porkchop

Your smirky smile, your belly and your cute bald top,

How exciting this past year has been, with the Northwest move,
The baby, Ratch and Kimi, and my trip to the louvre,

Through it all you have been so loving, kind and supportive,
Even with occasional hormonal threats that I won’t let you live,

I hope I have supported you like you have helped me,
I know you will be that famous artist and everyone will see.

Night stocking at Fred Meyer is not your fate,
And some great comic book hero will be your future date.

We have had a lot of laughs and that is what I love the very most,
Giggles about Nero, goofy family members, and that Shadow ninja post.

I am glad we are on this adventure and finally left the ‘tah,
And like it says on your ring that doesn’t fit anymore, love ya!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The waiting game....

My mothers surgery was suppose to be this afternoon. I was so nervous as the hour approached. I took an extra break from work to wish her good luck before they were off to the hospital. I sat nervously at my desk inputing new products onto the online store I work for. I tried to stay focused all afternoon, hoping I was doing a good job. I have never been so scatter brained ever. Work finally ended and I was able to call my dad to see how she was doing. The surgery would have been almost over, he would surely have an update. "How is it going" I started the conversation off. "We are just waiting here." "WE?" I asked. Yeah, my mother hadn't gone into surgery yet. Um.... ok, 2 hours late, I guess I can wait for a little longer until I hear some new. I am just glad that all my readers (both of you.) will forgive me if this blog doesn't make sense. :)

****UPDATE: My mom made it through the surgery. They were hoping to put a metal plate in her shoulder, but it ended up being broken in 8 places so they decided against screwing any holes into the bones. They stitched up the shoulder socket a bit and she should be sent on her way this afternoon! Feel better soon, Mom! ****

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I spoke too soon!

This week has been even more crazy than last week. While my health is great, my mother on the other hand is another story. It was just last week where we were joking about how she hurt her foot a whole year ago. Ironically, on Tuesday I received a call from my sister in Utah saying how my mother was again in the hospital for another tumble. While walking into school that morning, she caught the top stair and was fortunately able to stop herself from hitting the ground by slamming her face and shoulder into the metal door. Great plan, Mom! After a short visit to the hospital, she was lucky to not have a concussion, but did have a broken shoulder (in 5 places). She will have surgery on Tuesday. I am so thankful that first of all, it wasn't worse, and secondly she did it where someone saw her hit, so they were there to help her right away. I feel definitely helpless because I am so far away but am confident that my dad, with all his patience (we both have a strong characteristic of being super patient ;) ) will take great care of her. Mom, I hope you feel better soon! Wish I could be there, but my virtual well wishes will have to do! Love ya and how 'bout we never talk about your injuries every again! ;)