Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little love poem

On this Valentine’s Day, I started to think about my sweet Porkchop

Your smirky smile, your belly and your cute bald top,

How exciting this past year has been, with the Northwest move,
The baby, Ratch and Kimi, and my trip to the louvre,

Through it all you have been so loving, kind and supportive,
Even with occasional hormonal threats that I won’t let you live,

I hope I have supported you like you have helped me,
I know you will be that famous artist and everyone will see.

Night stocking at Fred Meyer is not your fate,
And some great comic book hero will be your future date.

We have had a lot of laughs and that is what I love the very most,
Giggles about Nero, goofy family members, and that Shadow ninja post.

I am glad we are on this adventure and finally left the ‘tah,
And like it says on your ring that doesn’t fit anymore, love ya!