Friday, December 25, 2009

The things husbands say!

After taking this picture, Travis looks at me and says you look really full. I know he meant it in a nice way like you really look pregnant, but considering I am only half way there it wasn't the best choice of words. (we had also just finished dinner so that didn't help either!) I think he learned a valuable lesson of to watch what he says around crazy pregnant ladies, especially ones that are only 5 months along!

A little late, but better than never!

I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas!

Santa was very good to me. He brought me 311 tickets to a concert in March (I will be like 7 months pregnant, that won't be weird to have a seriously pregnant woman jamming out to 311, right?!) He also brought me a hair dryer, which may not sound exciting to you, but if you have a crappy hair dryer then you know how great it is to get a new one. I also received Big Bang Theory Season 2! I love that show. It is so funny especially since I am married to a total Geek, whose Christmas highlights included, action figures, comic books, a new Batman tshirt, and a nerf gun. I am so excited to watch it.
Mostly I am excited for what will happen the day after Christmas. My parents and my inlaws will be flying on tomorrow morning. I can't wait. It has only been a few months, but it is always great to see people in person instead than over ichat. Can't wait!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Boy!

Way to go Ratchet for graduating Basic Obedience 101. This is a large step for a once wild and crazy puppy that once threatened to pull me down the stairs, jumped wildly at what ever he wanted and usually only listened occasionally. He is now a wild dog, that love to learn and is eager for anything treat related. (Did I mention I have never seen a dog actually have a crush on anyone but I think that he seriously loved our instructor! I mean Loved, with a capital 'L'. Or maybe it was the chicken that she used as rewards, either way she made him so happy!) Even though it isn't a magical fix, the classes taught my husband and I more along the lines of what we need to do for our energetic boy! Seriously, I can tell that he wants to learn so if he ends up being a horrible dog it was our fault not his. Good boy, Ratchet! You made me so proud in class.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Boy!

Yesterday we found out that we were having a boy! Yeah us.... now if only we can decide on a name. I am actually glad that they were able to find out because he was being less than helpful while the lady was looking at him. By the end of the visit he had his hands over his head, in an earthquake drill position, looking toward my spine and would not move over. Maybe he didn't appreciate her pushiness with the ultrasound wand. :)

In this picture one of his feet are perpendicular to the other. It is leaning on the side of his foot. I put my feet like this all the time. Crazy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Squeaker from Hell

Like kids, dogs have the same ability to pick the loudest most obnoxious toys ever to play with. This light bulb squeaker has been up on the window sill for weeks now because of the high pitched squeak it gives off. Ratchet loves to just walk around the house squeaking it. You can tell how happy he gets because he will squeak it faster and faster. Finally tonight, after taking these pictures, he managed to chew the squeak right off it. Even though I am happy as happy can be, it is sad because he loved it so. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of the dead squeaker. He will get over it, Christmas is right around the corner and I am sure something just as bad will replace it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bump Pictures....

Nov. 18

Dec. 11

Yeah for baby bumps! On Monday we find out (hopefully) about the sex of our baby. (Baby, you need to cooperate!) We have done the old wives tale with the wedding ring and the hair. (You hold the ring over your belly and if it turns in a circle it is a girl, if it goes like a pendulum it is a boy. It was showing it was a girl, but we will see how scientific it is.) We would be happy with either gender and am just excited to find out. The suspense is killing me! :)