Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oaks Christian vs. Skyline High School

Video from my nieces iphone of Will Smith on the sidelines.
As you know I have been living in Suburbia for the last few weeks. According to the neighborhood, the biggest, most happening thing was the High School game between the local Skyline High and Oaks Christian, which is located in So. California. On the Oaks Christian team the coolest thing was the fact that the quarterback was Nick Montana, Joe Montana's son and some other players on the team were Will Smith's son, Trey and Wayne Gretsky's son as well. There were sightings of Will Smith throughout Issaquah, and even talk around the house of stalking them all at the local Hilton.
The most exciting part of the whole night was when my neice, Kaity came home so hyper because she stayed after the game and got the autograph of Nick Montana
Nick Montana's Autograph
on her sweatshirt. She also got to high five Trey and Wayne Gretsky's son (who was not as big of a player in the game, so I don't know his name. Sorry.) Before she went to bed there was actual talk about if she should wash her hand because she was so happy they had touched her. It was such an exciting time for the plateau. While all the husbands went to the game, along with my niece because she was a student, the wives all were meeting for their book club. While all the excitement was happening a few miles away, I was baby sitting my nephew and his friend while everyone was out playing. I did get to watch the second half of the game on the tv, which had a great ending, but unfortunately ended with Skyline losing 28-25.

The hand!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

Today is my birthday. As I have blogged about, many changes this year. I have moved up to Seattle (because this is where we want to be), started a new job, and am looking for an apartment. Good times. Looking back this year has been great. Last year at this time, I was just starting my receptionist job, starting school at a technical college, and just enjoying being on our own again (we lived with my in-laws for about 2 years while my hubby was in school.) Apparently I like to start new things around my birthday! This year I think we have started the mother of all things I think. Moving, while exciting and admirable, is definetly not for the faint at heart. I have been more stressed out about everything than I ever imagined. I am still so happy that the parts are falling into place, but why can't it be easier. I know the answer to that... it can't be easier because anything we, Sodermoto's, touch instantly becomes more complicated, more difficult, more stressful. It has been proven to us many times over, I do think that we have just come to expect the difficulties.
I guess I should actually look at the time frame that all the work has been accomplished in. On the first was my last day (18 days ago.) of my old job. On the 6th I moved up here (13 days ago). On the 9th I got my first job offer, which I accepted(10 days ago). On the 15th I started said job (4 days ago). And yesterday was my husbands last day at his job.
Ok when I break it down like it has been that bad. We have actually accomplished so much in two and a half weeks. But seriously I know we couldn't have done it without the help of our parents, who have taken turns watching our animals, and helping with the move. Especially my dad, who always always always is so great in helping us move. He is the King of logistics and this time has even built an enclosed trailer on his car trailer. Thanks, Dad You are the absolute best! Also thanks to Travis for wrapping up everything in Utah! I love ya! And I don't know when this turned into an acceptance speech, but thank you to the academy and God bless! ;) Here is to hoping that this year is even better than the last!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alki Beach

Today is the last day I will see Travis for a while. (while I stay here and find jobs, he is heading on a jet plane tomorrow for Utah.) This morning we decided to take a break from job hunting and have a quiet morning in Seattle, or more exact, Alki Beach. It was so pretty there. We walked along the beach for a bit and decided we needed to eat something for breakfast. We found a cute little place that was open for breakfast, Christos. It was a Greek-Pizza-Pasta restaurant that was run by a definetly very authentic Greek family. It was like being at home with Travis' Yia Yia (Grandma) The little old lady who everyone referred to as Mama, talked us in to coming in the door when we were looking at the posted menu. I think if Travis ever misses home we will definetly head there again. After our delicious breakfast we headed across the street to the beach. It was so pretty and peaceful. We relaxed for a few hour and headed back home. Tonight my sister is hosting the HOA annual barbaque. It should be another fun night submirged into suburbia!

Birthday Pedicure

In preparation for my birthday next weekend, my sister Amy got me a pedicure from her regular lady. (I can't remember her name, but she is very talented.) They are called crazy dots... and I love it. :) I hope you can see the detail because it is way more creative than any other pedicure I have ever had. :) Thanks Amy, I love my new nails!

Ashlee's and Marque's Wedding.

The Kiss
The First Dance
Father of the Bride Dance
Before we left Utah, one last family obligation, to attend Travis' cousin, Ashlee's wedding. It was a perfect Utah afternoon when they got married. I love weddings (as I am sure most women do) She looked gorgeous and it was just full of love. I wish Ashlee and Marque all the best and I hope they always will remember the love that was present on their special day! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My pups are in Utah. I am in Seattle. They are my babies. What am I doing here with out them? Making a better life for us, right? Right! Boy, I miss them though. They were my laughter everyday. Thankfully though, I have my sister and her family to try to keep me entertained. Like today, when my sister and I went to the store, and she was being a silly by talking to me with a British/Australian accent. I was unfortunately about 5 feet ahead of her when she said, "Ello, Mate!" and another guy heard her and responded by saying that he was actually from Britain. The guy then proceeded to wait for us at the end of another aisle to relive the awkward moment again. It was the most entertaining time at a grocery store I have had in a long while.
Then I hear that my pup Kimi was wrestling with Ratchet and hit her back end into a rock. (She is fine and no harm done.) But I don't like to hear that my little girl went crying to someone else. (Thankfully, she is in very capable hands.) :) I can't wait until we have the reunion. It will be the best!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Home sweet home

Yesterday, after a long drive, we made it to Sammamish. The ride was fun here.... a couple of movies, a couple of podcasts, and a short 12 hours later we were here. Since today is a holiday, I feel like we are stagnant. Most corporate places would be closed so, I guess we have a day to relax before we have to hit the job hunting hard. We are staying at my sisters house (thanks Amy), but would really like to be on our own in our own place. (but again we are waiting to find a job so we can get the apartment, so we can move..... and it goes on.) :) Fun for us.
This morning I went on a walk with Amy and her friends. They were so nice, but I have never been a part of surban housewife's life. (I have always worked and don't have girlfriends to go walking with.) I was amazed at all the drama that goes on with all their kids, their other friends and their unemployed lives. I even got to borrow one of their dogs to walk with. It was very entertaining. Thanks for including me!
My interviews are tomorrow, so I will keep you posted. (one at a paper company, one at a cupcake bakery.) Hopefully, my unemployment will only last for a week and we will be on with our plans. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


On Tuesday, I quit my job at the law firm. I really have nothing, but nice things to say about the place... (there were only a few total jerks there and they aren't worth my time any more). I will miss everyone that I talked to on a daily basis. (Like Scott who I talked with about American Idol, Ross who I talked about troublemakers, Jim and all his travelling, Jenny and the crazy family we are in, Kathy and all the life-trials going on, Jonathan and his chocolate milk break around 3:00 pm everyday, Thomas and the latest gossip, Lisa and her hopes to move, Ashlee and her hillarious situations she gets in, Melissa and her cute kiddies, Cristina and her cat that she sometimes dresses up, Micq and her garbage day, Sid and his tolerable day, Michelle and her crazy travels and animals, Mary and her bowling nights, Matt and his nice clients, Randon and his travels, Melissa and her cute little Lucy, Lisa and her bus schedule, Preston and the MTI's, Marva and her crazy scheduled events, Sterling and his lunch, Kay and his lunch partners... and the list goes on.) Thanks for the lovely send off, and the great card and gift card.

This week has just flown by, I have had a ton to do. I had my first full day of packing today. I packed all day (with the exception of about 45 minutes that I went to lunch with my mom). I am glad that I got to spend a bit more time with my mom... she seriously is just so great to be around. I now feel like when I leave, Travis will be able to get things organized and moved. Another great thing, I had a phone interview this week. It went well enough to warrant an actual face to face interview next week. (I am trying not to put the cart before the horse and get too excited for the interview, but it is hard because I really want this job.... there I go, cart before the horse again) Wow... things are going great for us. All we have to do is get up there now, and work hard.