Friday, May 28, 2010

I am alive....

but am trying to get the whole mothering thing down a little bit.... I have free time but usually that entails holding a sleeping baby or having myself a little cat nap, oh or paying attention to my two deprived dogs. I will get back to blogging, hopefully sometimes this weekend while my parents are here visiting their cute new grandbaby. :)I have the feeling that I will be getting this look from him forever. It says to me, "Mama, you are crazy!"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Liam Matthews!
Born May 18, 2010
7 lbs. 13 oz.
20 1/4" length
Sweetest boy ever, such a good baby, so far, even if him getting here was a bit of a circus. (My fluid levels dropped and there was a cancellation in the OR in the Maternity ward, so we had him a few days early!)
Daddy, Mama and Baby are all doing well!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,
The last weeks have been the longest of my life. This is not how the plan was suppose to go. Maybe I wasn't clear in all the long talks we had that you were suppose to come out before my due date, perfectly natural (with, gasp, no drugs) and it was suppose to be quick and efficient. Now you are 10 days late, not going to come out on your own, and won't be 'scheduled' t0 be here until May 20. My c-section is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on Thursday so you will be out by then (unless you decide by some miracle to start the process earlier, which I wouldn't mind). I have enjoyed watching your little heart flutter during the long Non-stress tests while I get you to move. I have always enjoyed feeling you slosh around practicing your break-dancing moves in my swollen belly. It has been a great experience also because you didn't make me very sick and all in all the pregnancy has been pretty 'easy' up to this point.
I know it isn't your fault exactly... I mean unless you are the son of the devil (which I don't think you are) I highly doubt you are doing this on purpose. How about we find some 'innocent' third party to blame it on? Let's see... we will blame Dad. He got us into this 'situation' and gave you the big head that could be holding up the whole procedure. (although Mama filled it with all the brains!) Much better, now I can just focus on how cute and innocent you are and put all the blame and uncomfortable situation on Dad. He will take it, and heaven only knows that he will just blame it on the hormones.
Can't wait to see you.
Your Mama

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

It was a semi-short 6 years ago that Travis and I became man and wife. We got married on a warm Las Vegas evening at the Chapel by the Bay at Mandalay Bay. I know not many people would want a Vegas wedding, but after looking for a venue in Utah we decided it was better to have a destination wedding away from home. For us it was great because it was all decided and taken care of by filling out a few sheets of paper and then showing up for the day. Perfect. It was a short sweet and to the point ceremony.

Some of the event highlights included (besides the actual vows) :
I was walked down the aisle by both my mom and dad and before the doors opened and we were suppose to walk out, we started joking that if one of us falls we are all going to fall because we had linked arms. The thought of that made us all giggle and later on Travis told me that everybody in the room heard us all bust out laughing.
The Preacher (I don't know if that was what he was because our service was non-denominational, but for the sake of argument we will call him such.) mentioning that it was May 16, 2004 Las Begas, Nevada (he had a bit of an accent) like 4 or 5 times in the short 15 minute ceremony.
I put the ring on Travis' incorrect hand and started to giggle (again) and lucky for me it is forever captured on our wedding video (embarrassing).
The one thing that I have always remembered about the ceremony was that the Preacher said that people (including family) will try to make us take sides, but that we need to remember that we are married and are a team. And that we need to stick together. (and it has been very true).
Before the ceremony, I had to walk through the Luxor and Mandalay Bay to get to the chapel in my wedding dress and strangers were telling me good luck and wishing me well. It was a very odd feeling to have that attention on me (and my maid of honor who was also all dressed up too.)
After the ceremony, more people were telling us congrats as we walked to the tram that connects the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. This time it wasn't so bad because we were laughing and happy and all in love (ewww!)
(Disclaimer: This is where I actually get a little mushy, which doesn't happen very often, so be warned) After all the years filled with laughter, tears, and memories, I wouldn't change it for the world. We have had the best ups and lowest downs, but I can't imagine anyone else but Travis to be there with me through it all. I look forward to all that this next year (and many others) will hold. Love ya, Travis... lots and lots.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Some of my family members know that I have a blog, (and some like my sister like to just mock and make fun of me.) but most are unaware of my internet status. I usually keep most of the family stuff that doesn't directly effect anyone outside of the Sodermoto family out of the blog, but there are times, like the one you are about to read, that make me feel like I should share a bit.
In March, my 40-something year old cousin, Vanessa, passed away. She had struggled with the major skeleton in our family's closet, alcoholism, for a while and it finally won. She was living in Peru, had been a teacher, had been a wife, and was just living the way she had wanted to live. When my aunt got the call that things were very serious, my uncle and her rushed there (as quickly as like a ten hour flight can be rushed) to be by her side for the last little bit. It was heartbreaking to hear how my aunt made it hours before her only child died and unfortunately, Vanessa was already comatose so was unable to communicate with my aunt before she passed.In May, my aunt saw an advertisement on tv for a medium named John Edwards, (not the politician.) who was coming to do a seminar in Vegas. She felt a very strong feeling like she had to be there, so my uncle and her went to the show. I don't know if you have ever seen John Edwards (J.E.), (he used to have a show on cable that he walks around the room filled with people and gets little trinkets of information about people. He claims he doesn't ever see full shots of people or events, but more like blips of what the entity wants him to get across.) but when he gets stuff right it is creepy. At the show, he started to walk around and went right to my aunts row (literally one person away from her). (creepy) He proceeds to stand there and say there is a middle aged woman whose name starts with a "V" (J.E. said her name was like Vanessa or Vera) who just recently passed. At this point my aunt responds that it could be her daughter. He starts by saying she is very persistant (In life, she was an only child and wanted things her way) She was standing there with a man and a woman, (J.E. said the man was her Grandfather and that he had just had a birthday. (Grandpa's birthday was May 4) Creepy) J.E. said that she had died in South America and he knew about the t-shirt that my aunt had brought back of Vanessa's that she had gotten from a bike ride she had completed. He said that Vanessa wanted to let her know that she is alright and that she wanted to talk with her at the hospital at the end but was unable to. At one point, John Edwards walked away, but had to return to my aunt because Vanessa was so persistant also about conveying the point that she knew she was difficult to live with and Vanessa realized that now and was sorry. (seriously creepy.)
All in all, I think my aunt walked a way with a sense of calm surrounding Vanessa. Regardless of what you believe, the thing that makes me happy is the fact that my Aunt has found peace with her daughters passing now all because of John Edwards. Gold Star for you, John.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Things to enjoy about being 9 months pregnant....

A few days ago, I had one of the million Dr. appointments that you have while being pregnant. The dr, who I truly like, had nothing positive to say about my progression towards actually having a baby outside my womb. Now before all you mothers jump on the bandwagon of it will happen soon and will happen fast, I mean he pretty much said NOTHING is happening. I was just as close to giving birth now as I was over a month ago. The baby hasn't dropped, in fact he is still floating and nothing is showing any signs of moving in that direction. Great... but I held it together as I heard that news. I did however, express my displeasure when I called my husband as soon as the dr. appointment was over. (to say that I was a little hormonal might be an understatement, This is why I can blog about it now some 36 hours later, where as before there is no way I could have coherently explained the situation.) Every week I have happily gone to my appointments thinking this is the one when the dr. will say, 'head over to the hospital, it is time'. I think this one was the breaking point to hear that not only would it probably not happen before my due date (I am a very punctual person), but we would be lucky to have it happen naturally if it continues on like this. (boo, c-section, this isn't what I was 'planning' I was going to bounce back and be back to 'normal' quickly for all our visitors this summer.) I know these are ramblings of a crazy pregnant woman. So after much contemplation, I have decided to compile a short list of things I am happy about being 40 weeks pregnant.
1: I get to eat whatever I want.
2: I don't have to work until after the baby is born (which is good and bad because I hope I don't go too stir crazy.)
3: I can take as many naps as I want and nobody says anything. (sleeping all night comfortable is anther story, but the daytime naps help make up for it)
4: Since I have quit work, (last Friday) my feet have not been as swollen.
5: While I haven't played the 'pregnancy card' very often (ok, maybe a few times on Travis and only one time to a stranger so that we could get a better parking spot), I am happy that it is obviously one I can play.
6: Feeling the baby move is the best... it is especially great to use as a way to ward of teen pregnancy in my 15 year old neice. (relating pregnancy to an alien bursting out of your abdomen doesn't hurt either.)
7:This doesn't really apply to the actual pregnancy but more like the timing, but now we get to see Iron Man 2 opening weekend. My husband will be so pleased.
8:It has been our dream to start a family and I am glad (and thankful) that I am near the finish line.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rays vs. Mariners

Last night, we went to Safeco Field to watch the Mariners take on the Rays. I am not a huge baseball fan, but something about being there always makes me happy. It might have been the chocolate covered fruit shiskabob, or the Garlic fries that the stadium is known for. It was especially great to see my favorite baseball player Ichiro, (he represents 'my people' very well!) Also on the team is Ken Griffey Jr. He was their designated hitter and while he unfortunately didn't hit anything out of the ballpark, he was still very impressive to watch. We also were able to find an awesome parking spot that cost us $15 but was only a short walk away, (to me that was the best $15 I have spent in a long time.) I was hoping to go into labor at the game, because I figure I would have gotten some great free stuff from the Team, but that didn't happen. And even though the Mariners lost the game 5-1 and had at least 4 errors, it was fun to root for our new home team. I hope we make it to another game, but next time I hope to have a babe in arms not in utero.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The waiting game....

At 39 weeks, I sit and wait 'patiently' for our new family member. I have stopped working at my job. I was going to tough it out, but realized one morning last week when I was going pee before work and was completely out of breath that it was time to throw in the towel and take some time to relax.
I am still happy to be pregnant, but for some reason whenever I lose sight of that I wish for the pain of labor to start. Um, a bit masochistic, I think, but that is where my mind goes to. I am also in an imaginary race with a facebook friend (my husband keeps reminding me that facebook friends don't count. Um, right, honey whatever!) that was due 2 days after my due date, but is going to be started next Friday, a full day before my due date. In my mind that isn't the way it goes, I have the next number in line, I should be next. (maybe it is the hormones talking or my relentless need to win everything, but seriously, I should be next!)
So this next week, I will sit and play the crazy mind games with myself to keep me busy. Good times.