Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where did I spend my afternoon you ask?!?

At Loch Ness, no monster sighted. 
This is where I spent my afternoon. This was outside our hotel from the deck.  It was absolutely gorgeous. 
This was the sunset tonight.  This place is a little slice of serenity. :) 
Seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth! 
(in case you were wondering, this place is called Pierhouse Hotel in Alphin, Scotland) 

Herrrrreeeeee's Johnny!

Last night we stayed at the scariest hotel ever known to man. On the website, it looked nice enough, but when we got there it was a hotel from any number of horror movies.  The one that sprang to mind was "The Shining". I swear all night I was waiting for Jack Nicholson to come busting through the wooden door.  So if you are ever in Inverness, Scotland, watch out for some of the hotels there, I think they might be haunted.  Creepy! 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

cold showers and pizza rolls...

Hey everyone!

I decided to do a little blog entry and let everyone know just exactly what has been going on while molly travels the continent of England like Samantha brown..

Well as molly flew to Paris France i was headed to Yellowstone!


we had a great time we saw buffalo.. elk.. and lots of rain... man it was cold and rainy.. but it was a great time!

so then i arrived back and decided to take a nice warm when i got home only to find out that the water heater was broke..

Coldest shower i have ever taken.....
in the interim i boiled water on the stove and used it for a bath which was an
that was on Monday it is now Thursday night and it is finally fixed...
so to celebrate instead of playing games like planed i have done laundry and have been pulled into...

its just like the i love series on vh1 but more Afro centric its hilarious.. they discuss every thing from 80's 90's and 00s' from fashion to movies to tv to music its a great show...
i was the biggest living single martin and in living color fan as well as a huge fan of the house party movies and class act sad that they dont show them anymore and the only mention they get is on vh1...
i dont know what it is about these i love shows that pull me in and never let go there was one time at new years eve that molly and i watched i love the 60's, 60's remix, 70's, 70's remix, 80's, 80's remix ,and 90's, 90's remix, all day long....they just suck me in... mesmerizing...

best line from the show is ice t saying "get out of here before i plant some weed on you" hilarious...

well time to do some dishes and laundry (if i can pull away from the tv) take care everyone!


Castles, and whiskey, and bus tours, Oh My!

 It was horrible (not that I expected it to be like a holiday!). Seriously, the smell of the place was a mixture of urine and musk.  It made me sick and thankful I was not stuck down there to spend my days.  
After the castle, we went to the Scotch Whiskey tour, which taught me many things about scotch (including how they made it), with the most important thing being: that I don't like it. :) It was strong and gave me the shivers when I was tasting it.  Yuck!
It was so cold I put my hood on so I looked like a total dork!
We jumped on the bus tours and took a cold ride through the city to end out day. It is a great city. I love all the roads that have all the houses lining them.  Great place to visit! But seriously on this last picture, what is a "Nut Hoose"? What kinda barber is that?!?!  :) 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Onward to Edinburgh...

We arrived a few days ago into London.  It has gone by so quickly.  We are now in the train up to Edinburgh, sitting next to the definition of “rude Americans” They are talking louder than anyone on the train and have continued to be snotty and loud the whole time so far.

Anyways, back to London. It was really dirty and busy.  Way dirtier than Paris.  As we walked past the cute little red phone booths I noticed they were laced with porno, like the pamphlets that the people hand out in Las Vegas. Why you would want your picture taken with them, I have no idea.   Buckingham Palace was very plain but won my heart over when we watched the changing of the guards. 

 They had everything from bagpipes, kilts, an Irish wolfhound, fuzzy bear-skinned hats and Frank Sinatra.  (That’s right, I heard the royal arms play “I did it my Way by Ol’ Blue Eyes.” My mom commented that she was half expecting the Queen to pop out onto the balcony and sing the chorus.) (I will try to post a video of it later.) 

We also visited Trafalgar Square.  It is so busy and seems like the party place for all the citizens of London. (That is where they have their citizen celebrations for Christmas and such) We also went to the National Gallery. There were rooms and rooms of great art. I saw Paul Delaroche’s Execution of Lady Jane Gray.  (A rather grim look at the end of poor Lady Jane Gray’s life.) Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers was as pretty as you could expect. (I got a huge kick out of the Van Gogh doll in the museum gift shop with a removable ear.) And as always, Monet’s paintings always impress me and the way he uses color is so beautiful.

The best part of our trips has definitely been the dinners. Not particularly the food (the food has been delish though) but the conversation. After the tiring day, we have sat down and had some great family conversations with much laughter, and a little wine. Rehashing some stories from the past that have been controversial (whether Amy flooded the kitchen or not; who Megan dated, what exactly did I do in Montana all those summers) and some that are just humorous, like how my sisters like to embarrass their children.  I love the fact that it has been a long time since were have all been together and it is still fun to just hang out with one another. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

London's Burning...

Adding to the many first time adventures of the Tsukamoto-girls, we had Amy helping my mother with her hair, but unfortunately they had a hard lesson to learn when it came to Voltage adapters.  They are apparently very important.  Case in point, when my sister picked up the curling iron, she said it was very hot. After she put it in my mothers hair, a small amount of curl from the back quickly singed off.   It was a traumatic experience, but a good laugh for us later in the day.  (and no one will even be able to tell where it burned from!)  
Anyways, back to the actual trip.  Today we took another bus tour around the city (they are the best way to get a real feel for the sights.  We started at Green Park (home to Buckingham Palace.) and weaved through the city to all the great sights like Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Parliment, and the Tower of London.  It is amazing to see the largest cut diamond in the world (which is 530 carats.) Beautiful, but oh so out of reach for commoners. Tommorrow we will head to the National Gallery.  Sorry this is a short post, but my internet I paid for will expire in about ten minutes. :) 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I see London, I see France....

Coffee and a Crossant in Paris, Life is great!
These past 4 days have been a serious whirlwind.  I rode on the flight for about 10 hours next to my mother who had a bout of  motion sickness somewhere over South Dakota.  (I haven’t 
prayed so much in a long time and 
thankfully those air sickness bags remained empty.)

We arrived at the airport after a long night (about midnight our time, but 11:00 am Paris time) We waited in a long line though customs, and finally made it to the baggage and Taxi area. Apparently all those ideas you had about the speediness of the drivers around here are absolutely true.  We drove through the city and ended up at our hotel after a few horn honks and a few cut off cars. (Scary!!!)

The room was a perfect Parian room with two windows that opened up and overlooked a rather busy street.   I loved the fact that our hotel was not in the middle of a tourist hub, but instead was closer to actual neighborhoods.

We walked down to the Hotel des Invalides, where Napoleon is buried, but didn’t go in because it was a military museum and we weren’t really into that (I know you may say, you should have gone anyways but I think that 1: it is all very overwhelming, and Europe is pretty expensive right now with the exchange rate.) 

The next morning my sister Amy joined us and we were off to the Eiffel tower after a fresh croissant and a latte. (The coffee here is way stronger than even Starbucks but oh so good) When we got to the tower, which is a marvel in itself, we got to the back of the line. 

My mother learning to use her camera.

We moved so slowly and decided to try it later and to go on a tour of the city like a traditional tourist. We got on the open top Red Buses and went on our way for a deal of 24 Euros, (which is about $30-35 US dollars.)  The bus drove us all along the city, weaving in and out of traffic, and taking us to some of the most prominent Parisian sights. 

We saw everything from the Opera House, Louvre, Notre Dame, and my personal favorite, the Arc de Triumph.  We jumped off the bus (which was great because you could rejoin the tour anytime you wanted to.)  and had a quick bite at a covered sidewalk café on the Champs el elysse.

 We were seated right as the clouds opened up and started to downpour. It is so laid back and relaxing but you feel rushed because there is so much you want to see. After lunch we headed over to the enormous Arc de Triumph.  

For only 9 Euros (about $15 dollars.), you could take the 284 stairs to the top.  We even got my mom up to the top. 

Proof my mother made it to the top of the Arc de Triumph! 

It was so amazing because you could see everything in the city.  All the architecture in Paris is so intricate and has so many little details, no wonder all the great creative people have been here before.

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel to take a rest.  We went to another café for dinner and somehow ended up walking back almost to the Eiffel tower. 

The most surprising thing about Paris is that there is graffiti everywhere… on the train overpasses, on the storefronts, on the side of chimneys.  I can’t believe how everything in this city is so old and gorgeous but has graffiti around it and somehow it all works.  Crazy.  The people have been pretty nice too considering my mom has been a sub par translator for us. (I think it is the fact that they speak really fast.)  It has been a fun time trying to learn as much as possible.

We are on the train heading toward London through the Chunnel, then I will update later. 

** Made it to London and will post more about that tomorrow, hopefully! :) (This is me riding in a taxi to our hotel.) Miss Everyone! :) 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Travel Central....

I leave for my trip (finally) in 2 days.  Paris, London and Scotland over 16 days.  So exciting but with all the planning I feel like I have already lived it. (even though I know it will be better than I dreamed.) I will be posting online here and hopefully will able to keep up with everything. (and if Trav gets bored he might post an update too!) Thanks for everyone's well wishes.  I will post soon.  

Friday, June 12, 2009

Come Rain or Shine....

Last night we attended our 6th concert of 311. They always put on a great show and were totally worth sitting in the cold rain for.  (It was raining during the opening act.... was clear by the end of Ziggy Marley and the stars were out for the 311 show.)   I love the fact that this is the one concert we see every year.  (even though tickets have gotten so expensive) The people at the shows are so much fun to watch.  I never thought that I would enjoy a band so much, but I have definitely fallen for this band. :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just my kinda morning....

This morning I had the fun task of going to 2 dr. offices. The dentist was first up. This is a new dentist that we found in Bountiful, (we couldn't see driving to Ogden to go to our other "new dentist" that we just barely found before we moved).  The hygienist was very nice and not too pokey with her dental tools.  After sitting in her chair for about 20 minutes, I realized who she sounded like. She had the exact timing and conversation-skills of Kristen Wiig from SNL and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  "When you floss...  make sure you get between teeth.... stops the bacteria cycle.... you stir the pot when you floss.... stir the pot." (that is a direct quote from her, btw) The little Molly in my head was busting up laughing every time she said anything.  
Then I was off to get blood drawn (different dr., my dentist doesn't require bloodwork ;) ).  The lab girl, which fits her because she was a teeny-tiny Asian girl who couldn't have been a centimeter over 4 and a half feet and looked about 12 years old, was the one to draw my blood.  I am a little hesitant to get blood drawn anyways, but then she made me even more nervous when she kept checking to find a vein before she even poked me and then freaked me out when she told me to hold my arm completely still and don't move.  (I know you aren't suppose to move, but I think it was more so that she wouldn't lose the vein.)  Anyways that went fine and she actually didn't have to dig to find my veins. I am a serious baby and am glad that the entire day wasn't too bad.  Now if only I get answers from the blood.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ringo Winston Mocha

The saddest part of having a dog is the part I went through yesterday. I got Ringo as a present for my 16th birthday. (I said I would rather have a dog than a car.  Thanksfully, my dad let me have both) He was 13 years old.  At his peak, he weighed  a whopping 130 pounds.  He was a good dog, except when it thundered. He hated the thunder. And he hated the hair dryer because I scarred him as a puppy when I tried to use it to dry him after a bath.  Oh and he hated bathes too and would run away from them.  But he loved to swim especially in rivers.  He loved to go on trips.  He loved, I mean, LOVED french bread. (That is what he went after when he nipped at my niece and scarred her eyebrow).  He really loved Watermelon and was the only dog that I knew that would eat it off of a fork.  Ringo, buddy you will be missed. We love you!