Thursday, August 26, 2010

Job Description

I just got off the phone with the President of the Sodermoto Company. (At least I let him think he is the President, we all know who runs the business. We have a Bush/Cheney relationship) I have been wondering where I can get my full job description for the position of Senior Housewife.
While the Jr. VP is napping, I think I have come up with it all on my own.
All I do all day is micromanage all the departments.
Clean up all of my younger associates messes. (including the President's)
Organize and execute the daily activities of the company
Hours are from 5:00 am to 10 pm with an on call shift between 10:01 pm to 4:59 am.
No sick leave or vacation days
Daily conference calls from family members (aka Mother) that will critique/harass your performance.
And just remember that I signed up for this and have a contract with the President for at least an 18 year commitment. (with the possibility for an extension if more team members are added to the company.):)
Glad I have that all cleared up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My sous chef

Last weekend, Baby helped me for the first time make pancakes. (translation: he like my salt shaker and was mesmerized by it) At this rate, he will have his own Food Network special in a few years. Thanks baby for all your help.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starbuck's Date

Today, I witnessed what every die hard romantic wants to witness: cute little old couples in love. At Starbucks, a little old couple walked in arm in arm for what looked like their weekly date. The little old lady had a few more health problems, so the husband made sure that she was seated comfortably by the fire while he went to place the order. He came back with two small cups of drip coffee. He knew how she took her coffee, so he brought her honey as well as a stirring stick. They sat in silence, simply enjoying each others company. They didn't bring books to read or play on their cell phones, all they did was sit and take in their surroundings. After about a half an hour they got up, arm in arm and walked out. The husband stopped near the cross walk to get a better grip on his girl and gently guided her across the street and to their car. Both Soder and I stopped reading our magazines and watched as they walked out. Seeing couples like that makes me so happy. Their love seems so real and genuine. It has no strings and is just pure. It is like a snapshot from a different time. One day when the world slows down, I hope I will be able to sit across from Soder and not say a word but simply be with him like they were. And maybe inspire the next generation of hopeless romantics.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The times they are a changing.

So I have thought long and hard about this. No, I am not making my blog 'private'. I love the fact that people all over the world stumble across my blog. (I would love it even more if they actually commented more, but that is another topic for another day.) I have decided to make it more anonymous. I will no longer be using our real names. I don't think that it matters that much, but I would rather be safe than sorry.


I have had a little bit of bloggers-block this past week. I just need to clear out some random (and I mean random) thoughts and then maybe I can get back on track.

The one chore in the house I hate more than anything is wiping down the bathroom counter.... I don't know why this bothers me so much, but for some reason it does.

Stagnant situations bug me... I hate the fact that sometimes you just feel stagnant with your life. While we have had tons of changes over the last year, it is like we now will be in the same situation for a while. No new job, no new apartment, no extra money. It will be just coasting until something comes up. (I am thankful for Travis' job, and our apartment so it isn't that.) I guess it is that while we have a great situation that is getting us by, all of our dreams are put on hold for the next little bit. We won't have a vacation or be saving up for a house, we will simply be making do. (I have the feeling I am not alone in this situation.) I can't help but feel thankful for our situation, but also feel anxious because I still want a better situation. Is that make me sound ungrateful? Maybe.

I really hate changing the paper towel roll. This one really makes me sound crazy/whiney. I hate our paper towel roll because changing it isn't a small quick feat like it should be, but instead I have to unscrew the top off of the holder and change it the roll then screw the top back on. I think part of it might also be that I actually hate our paper towel holder. We got it as a wedding present way back when and it is definitely the one thing in my house that is not me at all. I would never have chosen a pewter grape vine inspired paper towel holder. So I have some unresolved issues regarding that. Moving on....

Shaving my legs has fallen very far down on my priority list. There is no gripe about it just merely stating the fact.

I have the feeling that the people around me can sense when I am getting cabin fever and avoid me. I think they can smell the desperation in the air when I ask them to do stuff. I haven't been as creative to find things to do by myself. I am usually very independent, but I think that being around non-speaking entities (ie dogs and baby) has made me crave more adult time.

Right when I typed that about being alone all day Travis started playing the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" and he didn't even know what I was typing about. Maybe that should be the turning point for the post.

Liam has learned to do raspberries. I love it. I even love it when he is getting mad and they somehow sound very angry. Hilarious.

We have been watching the BBC tv series Top Gear, which is a car show. I am not a gear head, but I think watching a tv show about cars reminds me of my dad and sitting in his mechanic shop for hours and hours. Great memories.

Hopefully, my inspiration comes back soon and I can get back to writing actual coherent posts. So if you have any ideas about blog posts, please share. If not you might just be stuck with listening to me ramble on about random things.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Age Appropriate

Last week, while shopping with my niece for shoes I had a harsh realization about my age. While I still feel like I am only 18, my drivers license would say otherwise. I am quickly approaching an age group that will make certain things, in my mind, inappropriate. My niece found a darling pair of grey boots that she was quick to snatch up. (they were also a screaming deal that saved her about $60 from other stores we had seen identical boots at.) I decided to try them on as well. (who couldn't use a cute new pair of boots for the coming fall?) Unfortunately for me, instead of making me look cute and trendy, it made me look like I belonged with Robin Hood and his merry men. Sad. Age appropriateness has been creeping into my hairstyle decision as well. I personally feel that long hair should be for the younger crowd (by long I mean past your shoulders.). When a woman reaches a certain age her hair starts to make her look like she is trying to be young again and usually isn't very flattering. Instead, she should cut her hair so that she looks dignified and like she is aging gracefully. (In the same respect, once she reaches say 70 she can let her hair grow long again so she can put it up in a granny bun.) In my head, the cut off date is 30 years old. So in 4 short weeks I need to decide what to do. Either cut my hair off (which I am fine with) or change the crazy rule I have set up in my head. Either way, I better start deciding which way I need to go time is a ticking and I ain't getting any younger.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My new hobby

I love to take pictures. I love to have a captive audience, such as a few dogs or a baby. I love to play with Photoshop. I love to have another captive audience, a few blog readers who get to look at all my 'work'.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being in the passengers seat

This week I have been chauffeured around this last week by my 15 year old niece. She is taking her driving test this week, and her parents wanted her to have a little more practice. We have driven all over the Puget Sound area, through Seattle, to many malls (got so many cute outfits for a tiny cute 15 year old freshman!) and all around Issaquah. It has been a great time. She is such a cautious driver and will hopefully kick butt on her test tomorrow. Good Luck, Kaity! You are going to rock!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I have sprayed for radioactive spiders

Because I am so proud that I haven't inundated my blog with pictures of my cutie lately, I decided (with little persuasion) to post some of my little Spiderman.
Before Liam was born, we saw this cute little Spiderman onesie and knew it had to be ours. My husband loves comics and I play along because they have such cute outfits for geeky babies. I don't know what it is, but whenever I take pictures of him in this onesie he pulls the funniest faces!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In theory this works

When Kimi was a puppy, she was always on, what the obedience-class-people taught us, was 'tie down'. She was a good puppy and hardly ever challenged us. She is the epitome of a good dog. Then along came Ratchet.
He is wild and crazy and has a mind of his own. He often barks at nothing (I think it is just to test that his bark is still there.) He taunts and teases Kimi with her toys. And very often gets Kimi into trouble (i.e. they start wrestling near the baby)
We decided (probably a bit late) that what Ratchet was missing was 'tie down'. So this is where Ratchet spends the quiet afternoons. He is tethered to our couch. It worked for the first bit and we proudly patted ourselves on the back saying how we would finally get Ratchet under control. Then the squirrels came, or maybe it was a rouge dog, or merely a person walking behind our house, anyways, Ratchet realized that the couch wasn't made of cement. He lunged at whatever was walking past and that was the end of our celebration. He moved the couch a full 2 feet from the wall. It still is a great tool to try to "tame" our wild 'child', but now we have to keep the back window shade pulled most days (or have one of us sitting on the couch).
We love each of our children (both hairy and traditional) for their strengths and weaknesses. I just wish it was easier to love him without having him tied to our living room furniture.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Working out

This week, I got it into my head that I want to do my first 5k (walking, not running. I do believe that running is only good when someone is chasing you) ever this summer. I would like Travis to do one with me, but I am not sure if he is up for it. He seems to doubt his ability. Last night, we didn't go for a walk, but we did do Pilates. I often wondered why it was only women on excercise dvds... I think I know why. Travis had a hard time keeping time and I am no excercise expert, but I am pretty sure last night Travis created his own hybrid version of pilates. He claims that he needs to have hand-eye coordination to play his video games, but I think it must only extend from his brain to his thumbs because every other body part was doing it's own thing. He was a trooper and made it through the entire show. I think I got a better ab workout from all the laughing. Way to go, honey!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It was 42 years ago today

My parents have been married a whopping 42 years today! This is the point where I should talk about how they have inspired me (which they have) and say how their love is stronger today than it was 42 years ago (which would be an assumption because I wasn't there 42 years ago), but I am just an outsider looking in on their relationship.
All I can say is that they have taught me a lot about marriages. Like while 'love' is great to get you through the good times, you have to at least 'like' the person a lot in a marriage to get you through the bad. They have never taken their 'love' too seriously and by that I mean they aren't for PDAs and very often in serious situations their response is to crack a joke. (this is also why I have very few pictures of them just smiling, but instead they mostly look like this.) If love is important, laughter has to be almost just as important. I love to hear them giggle when I call them only to find them in the car, on a ride back from an impromptu Wendover trip to go gambling. (they act like two high school kids that just got busted for sluffing school.) And that brings me to another thing they have taught me: you have to keep having adventures, even if it is just a trip to the store, always make the trip entertaining.
Their relationship isn't a fairytale, but is more real and true than most out there. And while they have bickered and fought along the way, there is no doubt in my mind that they were made for each other and love each other very much! Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So the down side is?

So I didn't get the job. (some sort of hiring politics that didn't go in my favor) Oh, well. I get to spend more time with him. Who would want to leave him? Not me! Greece will have to wait, but I am in no hurry.

Monday, August 9, 2010

On a serious note....

L-R: Kasey, Me and Machel

I am not one to bum everyone out, but my dear friend Machel has had a very life changing weekend. On Saturday, while on a scenic motorcycle ride with her husband, they were in a head on collision. Her wonderful husband, Tim, was killed at the scene. She is fighting for her life at the University of Utah. Her poor body is bruised and broken (in many spots) and she has had a bunch of internal bleeding, but her brain scans have been very positive so far (thankfully).

Machel was my boss when I worked for the county. She has the best attitude and understanding when it comes to people and situations. She was always the one you would go to when you had any sort of problem. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with her (I learned so much from her) and happy that I still have a relationship with her. She is a very cherished friend and all my thoughts and prayers are going to her and her family. Get well soon, we have a lunch date in November and you better be there! Love ya!

(Sorry to start off the week with that... I promise, that since there has been positive reports on her progress, I will try to be chipper with my other posts.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good thing that is taken care of!

Last Thursday, I went to happy hour with my sister and her neighbor and her neighbor's 5 year old daughter. (Let's call her 'Little one').
During the course of our meal, Little One decided (in her cute little squeaky voice) that she would be marrying Liam. And that they would have two dogs (One named Sparkle)
And they would have a horse. Oh and they would live in France (because dogs can go everywhere in France, unlike America) and have at least 2 boys.
And they would be getting married in Hawaii.
Little one was kind enough to write it all down so that we would have a copy of 'the plans' for all time. So good to know that Liam's life is all planned. Now I have to start saving for plane tickets to visit them in France.