Monday, August 23, 2010


I have had a little bit of bloggers-block this past week. I just need to clear out some random (and I mean random) thoughts and then maybe I can get back on track.

The one chore in the house I hate more than anything is wiping down the bathroom counter.... I don't know why this bothers me so much, but for some reason it does.

Stagnant situations bug me... I hate the fact that sometimes you just feel stagnant with your life. While we have had tons of changes over the last year, it is like we now will be in the same situation for a while. No new job, no new apartment, no extra money. It will be just coasting until something comes up. (I am thankful for Travis' job, and our apartment so it isn't that.) I guess it is that while we have a great situation that is getting us by, all of our dreams are put on hold for the next little bit. We won't have a vacation or be saving up for a house, we will simply be making do. (I have the feeling I am not alone in this situation.) I can't help but feel thankful for our situation, but also feel anxious because I still want a better situation. Is that make me sound ungrateful? Maybe.

I really hate changing the paper towel roll. This one really makes me sound crazy/whiney. I hate our paper towel roll because changing it isn't a small quick feat like it should be, but instead I have to unscrew the top off of the holder and change it the roll then screw the top back on. I think part of it might also be that I actually hate our paper towel holder. We got it as a wedding present way back when and it is definitely the one thing in my house that is not me at all. I would never have chosen a pewter grape vine inspired paper towel holder. So I have some unresolved issues regarding that. Moving on....

Shaving my legs has fallen very far down on my priority list. There is no gripe about it just merely stating the fact.

I have the feeling that the people around me can sense when I am getting cabin fever and avoid me. I think they can smell the desperation in the air when I ask them to do stuff. I haven't been as creative to find things to do by myself. I am usually very independent, but I think that being around non-speaking entities (ie dogs and baby) has made me crave more adult time.

Right when I typed that about being alone all day Travis started playing the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" and he didn't even know what I was typing about. Maybe that should be the turning point for the post.

Liam has learned to do raspberries. I love it. I even love it when he is getting mad and they somehow sound very angry. Hilarious.

We have been watching the BBC tv series Top Gear, which is a car show. I am not a gear head, but I think watching a tv show about cars reminds me of my dad and sitting in his mechanic shop for hours and hours. Great memories.

Hopefully, my inspiration comes back soon and I can get back to writing actual coherent posts. So if you have any ideas about blog posts, please share. If not you might just be stuck with listening to me ramble on about random things.

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