Saturday, August 14, 2010

In theory this works

When Kimi was a puppy, she was always on, what the obedience-class-people taught us, was 'tie down'. She was a good puppy and hardly ever challenged us. She is the epitome of a good dog. Then along came Ratchet.
He is wild and crazy and has a mind of his own. He often barks at nothing (I think it is just to test that his bark is still there.) He taunts and teases Kimi with her toys. And very often gets Kimi into trouble (i.e. they start wrestling near the baby)
We decided (probably a bit late) that what Ratchet was missing was 'tie down'. So this is where Ratchet spends the quiet afternoons. He is tethered to our couch. It worked for the first bit and we proudly patted ourselves on the back saying how we would finally get Ratchet under control. Then the squirrels came, or maybe it was a rouge dog, or merely a person walking behind our house, anyways, Ratchet realized that the couch wasn't made of cement. He lunged at whatever was walking past and that was the end of our celebration. He moved the couch a full 2 feet from the wall. It still is a great tool to try to "tame" our wild 'child', but now we have to keep the back window shade pulled most days (or have one of us sitting on the couch).
We love each of our children (both hairy and traditional) for their strengths and weaknesses. I just wish it was easier to love him without having him tied to our living room furniture.

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