Thursday, August 12, 2010

It was 42 years ago today

My parents have been married a whopping 42 years today! This is the point where I should talk about how they have inspired me (which they have) and say how their love is stronger today than it was 42 years ago (which would be an assumption because I wasn't there 42 years ago), but I am just an outsider looking in on their relationship.
All I can say is that they have taught me a lot about marriages. Like while 'love' is great to get you through the good times, you have to at least 'like' the person a lot in a marriage to get you through the bad. They have never taken their 'love' too seriously and by that I mean they aren't for PDAs and very often in serious situations their response is to crack a joke. (this is also why I have very few pictures of them just smiling, but instead they mostly look like this.) If love is important, laughter has to be almost just as important. I love to hear them giggle when I call them only to find them in the car, on a ride back from an impromptu Wendover trip to go gambling. (they act like two high school kids that just got busted for sluffing school.) And that brings me to another thing they have taught me: you have to keep having adventures, even if it is just a trip to the store, always make the trip entertaining.
Their relationship isn't a fairytale, but is more real and true than most out there. And while they have bickered and fought along the way, there is no doubt in my mind that they were made for each other and love each other very much! Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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