Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good thing that is taken care of!

Last Thursday, I went to happy hour with my sister and her neighbor and her neighbor's 5 year old daughter. (Let's call her 'Little one').
During the course of our meal, Little One decided (in her cute little squeaky voice) that she would be marrying Liam. And that they would have two dogs (One named Sparkle)
And they would have a horse. Oh and they would live in France (because dogs can go everywhere in France, unlike America) and have at least 2 boys.
And they would be getting married in Hawaii.
Little one was kind enough to write it all down so that we would have a copy of 'the plans' for all time. So good to know that Liam's life is all planned. Now I have to start saving for plane tickets to visit them in France.


Mandy said...

That is so cute! Kids are so funny. My boys already know who their future wives are too. They start planning their lives young, don't they?

sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

A wedding in Hawaii? Make sure to invite us! :)

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Wow. This is going to make planning the wedding so much easier!