Friday, November 27, 2009

MLS Finals Game

The Teams at the begining of the game.

My Favorite player, David Beckham!

We haven't done very many things since we have moved here. (being on alternative schedules makes having a date night next to impossible.) As a total impulse buy, we decided to go and watch Real Salt Lake (our home team) vs. the LA Galaxy (the team with my favorite player, David Beckham) play for the MLS finals game (along with 40,000 other soccer fans.). Trav made the joke that we had to move to Seattle in order to watch Real Salt Lake play, which seemed to be the truth. On Sunday, we got to outside the stadium an hour before the game was suppose to start.

It got so cold during the game that we coverd completely up!

We almost missed the kickoff because parking and traffic was a joke! I was just thankful that we got there to watch the players take the field. The game itself was so exciting. It went into overtime and two sets of penalty kicks to determine a winner. Congrats to Real Salt Lake! It was a good game and they seemed to want it more in the second quarter. (LA Galaxy ran out of steam during the second half of the game.) I think I was most impressed by David Beckham. He was definitely a real sportsman. Whenever someone got hurt he would go over and help them up (regardless of the team they were on). But the most impressive thing of the night was after Real had won, they were awarding the trophy. David Beckham in white waiting for Real Salt Lake to be awarded the MLS Cup

Most of the Galaxy team had started to walk off the field, like the losing team usually does. To my complete surprise, David Beckham went over and watched Real Salt Lake get their cup. He was the only player to do this, and it was very respectful. Most of the Galaxy stopped and watched the award ceremony from about 3/4th of the way toward the locker room. (but they only seemed to watch because their team captain went over to watch the awards) I think sports needs more class acts like David Beckham. Way to go to both teams!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is funny to wake up today and not have to clean a turkey while watching the parade. I feel a little lost because this year I will be a guest and not the chef. Weird! Also it is our first Thanksgiving away from home. I know I have my husband and dogs here, but I will miss the little things. I will miss eating breakfast with my mom and dad, (I can almost smell the maple sausage lingering in the air) I will miss watching the dog show and It's a Wonderful Life with my mom, as she nags me to get things going even though we aren't eating for 6 hours. I will miss waiting for my sister and her family (they are always late coming over to my parents house.) I will miss taking days and days of prep work and planning to have a really great 15 minute meal! I will miss running over to Yia Yia's house to have her amazing pie. (even though she was generous enough to give me her recipe, it still is better when she makes it.) I miss talking with Travis' family all afternoon as I struggle to stay awake!
I am very blessed to have my wonderful sister (no sarcasm there at all for once.) and her family. I am very blessed to have my energetic dogs. I am blessed that I haven't chased my husband off with my crazy hormonal rollercoaster that I am on! (and also that he is understanding and will totally plays along with my requests!) I am beyond words blessed that I am pregnant. And with that I would like to wish you and all yours a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow, right around the corner.

This last week I have realized that Christmas is quickly approaching. I start to think about all the things I have to get for the holiday season. Then I start to think about all the stuff I will need in a few months after that. Then there is also the idea in my head that I want to move before the baby is born to a new apartment/townhouse. So my little holiday happiness quickly turns into figures and numbers. I can wake up in the middle of the night and just think about all that I need to pay for. We are comfortable financially, so I am not soliciting any donations. I am just a worrier. As soon as I pick apart my to do list I feel better. So if I get worried again, just remind me that Christmas first then all the other stuff later. :) I will be fine... lets blame the craziness on the hormones.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The skinny on the fat one! :)

The hand

Is it just me or does my baby look a little like a Simpson's character?!

I know that by the time we have this baby all of our friends will be sick of hearing about it. We are so excited that it is all I talk about. :) These are the latest pictures from our little one. We don't know if we are having a little boy or girl but we are super excited by just the fact that we can get such a clear picture of it. I was completely breathless when the ultrasound lady was able to get a picture of its little hand. Wow! We were getting tested for Down Syndrome which they test everyone by using an ultrasound machine and measure a small strip of skin on the back of its neck. I am amazed at what they can do now. We will keep everyone posted. And one day when Travis actually has days off instead of nights off we will actually go and explore the area! :) Then I will have other things to post about. I am hoping that day comes soon!