Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The skinny on the fat one! :)

The hand

Is it just me or does my baby look a little like a Simpson's character?!

I know that by the time we have this baby all of our friends will be sick of hearing about it. We are so excited that it is all I talk about. :) These are the latest pictures from our little one. We don't know if we are having a little boy or girl but we are super excited by just the fact that we can get such a clear picture of it. I was completely breathless when the ultrasound lady was able to get a picture of its little hand. Wow! We were getting tested for Down Syndrome which they test everyone by using an ultrasound machine and measure a small strip of skin on the back of its neck. I am amazed at what they can do now. We will keep everyone posted. And one day when Travis actually has days off instead of nights off we will actually go and explore the area! :) Then I will have other things to post about. I am hoping that day comes soon!


Mandy said...

Don't worry. I won't get sick of hearing about your baby. When your pregnant that is all you can think about so of course you're going to talk about it. Good luck with the pregnancy. I hope you are feeling good!

sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

Hek no I won't get sick of hearing about this pregnancy!!! It is so exciting!!

Janalyn and Rob said...

I think it is smiling. ☺

Melissa Joy said...

No way, never will get sick of hearing your happiness of the miracle growing inside of you.. Keep on beaming, girl! Glad all is going good and the little bambino is snug as a bug and healthy! HUGS!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

This is so exciting.

Your ultrasound worries reminded me of when I first saw Mr. M in film. He looked like Alfred Hitchcock in profile, and nothing like old Alfred when he arrived in the flesh.