Thursday, January 29, 2009


The construction workers in the next room over are talking about stuff that I don't think I should hear. Nothing that bad. Worker one is calling worker 2 Gary Coleman. The joke was even more funny when worker 2 didn't know who Gary Coleman was. So of course, Worker one has to do his best impression of "What you talkin' bout Willis"
While they have been putting in book cases they have been singing the song, "I always feel like somebodys watching me!" (It is the song on the Geico Commercials) (also I haven't been paying attention to them so they aren't singing it to me.). It is totally random, but so funny because they are just being stupid boys, but I get to hear part of their conversations.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Questions for everyone....

How much do you risk to follow your dreams? Does happiness matter when you are an adult? When do you put your happiness on the backburner, to do grown-up things? Or maybe a better question is, when did we stop being free-spirited 20-somethings? Or are we still free spirited 20 somethings, but have just been weighted down with too many grown-up things? When do the decisions we make go from following your dreams to being just stupid choices
Travis and I have been thinking some big thought, but are burdened by the choices we will have to make, the sacrifices and the extra worries. Here comes the corny part- I know we can make it if we decide to, it is just the fear of the unknown that could stop us.
(*we will let everyone know when the decisions have all been made.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ferndale Basketball Bonanza!

         Of course our Saturday started out with a quick game of Rock band before we were off to the games in Ferndale, (which is about 2 hours away from Seattle). We were lucky enough to watch "Peewee's Big Adventure" at the request of Eric, who does a great imitation of PeeWee. 
         Skyline (my Niece's team) had their first game at 2:00 on Saturday against Mt. Vernon.  They blew them out of the water which was a great way to start off the weekend.  It was also the first time I saw my niece fight for her first jump ball, which was the best thing ever. I have never seen Kaity be so aggressive with anything.   The second game, or as we call it, the shirt debacle was  against Lynden.  Skyline was suppose to be in white jerseys for the game, but they weren't told about it before so when the game started they were scrambling for shirts to wear, (notice the beautiful duct tape job on the sleeves)  They lost the game, and also the coach of the other team was a total beast. This game was very fun, because the girls were trying so hard. Kaity had 5 fouls according to Amy, who is the scorekeeper. (the "official" stats only had her at 4). They were all so passionate. The third game of the night was against Flash. Skyline won. It was so much fun because there were a bunch of cry babies on the Flash team, one of which was a flopper that my niece nicknamed, "the seal".  
      On Sunday, the games started at 10:00 am. The second day of games was a win or go home situation. Skyline won against Meridian.  The second game of the day was against Lynden again.  The coach was twice as beasty and also very mouthy at the refs (which was surprising but I think she was allowed to act that way because they thought she was cute.) The final game of the day was against Cashmere. It was a good game, but the team was a little off. Cashmere also was very speedy and quick with their plays.  Skyline lost so we were on the road back home by about 4.   We were able to have a nice dinner at home with my sister and her family. We played some card games and of course finished the night off with another few rounds of Rock Band.  :) 
Thanks so much for a wonderful trip. It was super fun.  I loved watching all the games and seeing Skyline go so far. :) Thanks to the Fitzie's for the great time. Can't wait to come again.  

Friday, January 16, 2009

Seattle: Day One!

Seattle Day One
This morning we played Rock Band, before we went to University Village to do a little shopping at my favorite store, Crate and Barrel.  A few comic book stores for Travis was next and then we headed into down town for lunch.  We ate at a really delish place called Serious Pie.  After lunch we walked to Pike's Market.  It is always the best there. It is so diverse. It is my all time favorite place to go in Seattle. After the long day we headed back to my sister's house in Sammamish.  We relaxed for a few hours and played their Rock Band for the Wii. It is so much fun.  Tonight we are going to dinner with some friends. Tomorrow, we are off to Ferndale for my Niece's Basketball Tournament.  I hear Ferndale is the hip-happening place to be! ;) We will see.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seattle here we come!!!!!

We are going up to visit my Sis and her family (as well as visiting our favorite couple!)  I will post pictures when I get some time.  Have a great weekend!   

Kimi's love for JT....

What is she thinking?

You can not tell me that animals don't have emotions and feelings. This is the look that Kimi gave me as I was packing my bags. Talk about feeling guilty! 

Broken Mom!

On Saturday we went up to visit my mom.  Even Kimi wanted to cheer her up.  (The picture after is how she is sharing a chair with my mom.) 

The Boot!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking care of My Mom

(This picture was taken over the summer when all bones were healthy!)
Last Saturday, my mother fell in my parent's icy driveway and broke her ankle. For the past week she has been on bed rest with her foot elevated. I try to call her a bunch over the day and every time I talk to her she is going crazy from sitting around. (She is usually a busy-body and this injury is really cramping her style!) Today, I took off work to go and spend some time with her and to give my dad a few hours to go and do some errands.  I got there at about 8 and the fun soon began. The first part of my visit was trying to fix her updo.  (Her hair lady would be proud, although no one can do her hair like Pauline!) After the "hair appointment", we started the morning off with a donut, "The Price is Right" and a serious game of Upwords.  It was so much fun, even though my mom likes to make up words then threaten with, "go get the dictionary, it is a word!"  I think that is the most entertaining part of the game.  I  love to argue with her about if the words she want to play are actual real words.  After Upwords, there were a few hours of Boggle (another fun, word game).  It is so addictive.  We ate lunch, and then continued our afternoon of hanging out (we watched like 3 hours of the tv series, "My Boys". That show is so funny)  I love to spend time with my family, it makes it even better when I can brighten my moms day.  I had a great time (besides the whole broken bone thing) and hope my mom is feeling better soon! Love ya, Mom! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Emotional decisions

At work one of the Attorneys, (a nice one) offered me a brownie. I took it and decided that I wasn't going to eat it, but instead save it for later. I started working on my school work that has been driving me crazy. (If you have ever written website code, you will understand) I have been trying to write this code for about 4 hours or so. I have tried just about everything, but cannot get it to work. I am seriously at my wits end. So I look over on my desk and see this brownie sitting there. I decided that it was just what I needed to motivate me and make my mind work past this problem. So I opened pandora's box and had a bite, then two, and before I knew it I had eaten the whole thing. Um, so yeah, now I have no brownie to take home, my code still isn't working, and I feel like barfing because the brownie was so rich. Yeah me. :) Good choices that really worked out well for me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bugging me

I think today is officially, "Treat Molly like a dumb-ass day" (I may deserve the day).
As one of the attorney's was leaving, I told him to "Drive Safe" He responded by correcting me and telling me it was "Drive Safely". So how does everyone feel about correcting some one's English? Is it rude? Or is it the nice thing to do? Is it the same as telling someone they have something stuck in their teeth, embarrassing, but you are thankful after it is all said and done? I am still out on how I feel about the whole situation. This attorney has corrected me about something else before. I responded by talking to him in monosyllabic terms for the rest of the day. (and coincidentally enough, he made the quick quip after he corrected my grammar, "don't go monosyllabic on me again!") To that I say, maybe don't make me feel like a complete idiot around you and I will be myself and want to talk with you. That will be the last time I wish him a safe drive home.
This was the first day I have had someone come up and totally doesn't know who they are meeting with. So I looked up to see if a room was booked (nothing). I looked them up by name (nothing) I tried to help them as best as I could, but I couldn't find anything on this client. He was fine with leaving (he was already late he said) and finding out the name and calling back. So I thought everything was fine, until one of the atty. called me up asking me what happened. I explained the story again. She seemed a little annoyed with me and said, "Next time you should send out an email to everyone." (It actually is a good idea, but the tone and the way she said it really bugged me. If I would have done it, she would have been one of those that emails or calls to say that I shouldn't have done that because of confidentiality. ) I don't know, maybe next time you should tell YOUR client what your name is! :) (Um and if there are grammerical mistakes, let them go... focus your attention on other things, like Darfur or Global Warming) :)

UPDATE: The next day he appologized for the correction. He said that he corrects his kids all the time and doesn't realize that it could be rude. That makes me feel better. I feel a little less paranoid when I talk to him! :)

Back to School

Today, I went back to school after being out for almost 2 weeks. I didn't realize how much I loved to not have to go to school this past little while. (But I still want to be something other than a receptionist, so to school I go!) Anyways, the first hesitant day back and who is the first person I hear.... the Riddler. After I clocked in to class and sat down, she proceeds to tell the other 4 students that were there at 8:00 that she got a new cat on New Year's day, her apartment is only at 56 degrees, and how great her screensaver from Dec. is. Um, ok. That didn't put me in the school mood, but eventually I got going on coding and am happy I am still going to school. Oh the things you do for an education.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I am not one for resolutions. I don't think I have ever really even set the goals for my year before. I don't even know what my goals would be. I guess everyone puts on their lists lose weight, save money, be happy, which are all great goals to have. I know for certain I can save money. Losing weight... maybe, unless that cookie at the store looks really good and will make me happy, which will not get me closer to the lose weight goal, but will get me closer to the be happy goal. (My view is that I would rather be happy and fat from cookies, than unhappy and cookie-repressed. )

The goals I have thought about about for this year were things I have no control over. Either they will happen or they won't. We want to start a family. This is one that we have no control over. In the great words of Charlotte on Sex and the City, we are reproductively challenged. It has been 3 years and 2 miscarriages. We have both been looked at and nothing seems to be the matter. The next step would be the scary fertility specialists or adoption. Both of which we will have to face one day in the future, but I am not sure if we are ready to do either right now. (the adoption one we are not financially able to do that. Gotta love money!)

Maybe this year we should not focus on the grown-up things, like fertility, but instead focus on fun things like Scotland with my Mom and Sisters, getting a new car, going on a cruise, buying a Coach bag I always think is too much money, having Travis buy some tripped out comic book toy. This year instead of worrying about the things I can't change, maybe I should just focus on the great things I have around me. Yes, that should be my resolution, I will not take for granted and wish away this year. I don't need to be skinnier, or richer. I should be more thankful and happy. So maybe I should just invite all my friends and family over and share a big ol bag of cookies and forget about all our grown up worries!