Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ferndale Basketball Bonanza!

         Of course our Saturday started out with a quick game of Rock band before we were off to the games in Ferndale, (which is about 2 hours away from Seattle). We were lucky enough to watch "Peewee's Big Adventure" at the request of Eric, who does a great imitation of PeeWee. 
         Skyline (my Niece's team) had their first game at 2:00 on Saturday against Mt. Vernon.  They blew them out of the water which was a great way to start off the weekend.  It was also the first time I saw my niece fight for her first jump ball, which was the best thing ever. I have never seen Kaity be so aggressive with anything.   The second game, or as we call it, the shirt debacle was  against Lynden.  Skyline was suppose to be in white jerseys for the game, but they weren't told about it before so when the game started they were scrambling for shirts to wear, (notice the beautiful duct tape job on the sleeves)  They lost the game, and also the coach of the other team was a total beast. This game was very fun, because the girls were trying so hard. Kaity had 5 fouls according to Amy, who is the scorekeeper. (the "official" stats only had her at 4). They were all so passionate. The third game of the night was against Flash. Skyline won. It was so much fun because there were a bunch of cry babies on the Flash team, one of which was a flopper that my niece nicknamed, "the seal".  
      On Sunday, the games started at 10:00 am. The second day of games was a win or go home situation. Skyline won against Meridian.  The second game of the day was against Lynden again.  The coach was twice as beasty and also very mouthy at the refs (which was surprising but I think she was allowed to act that way because they thought she was cute.) The final game of the day was against Cashmere. It was a good game, but the team was a little off. Cashmere also was very speedy and quick with their plays.  Skyline lost so we were on the road back home by about 4.   We were able to have a nice dinner at home with my sister and her family. We played some card games and of course finished the night off with another few rounds of Rock Band.  :) 
Thanks so much for a wonderful trip. It was super fun.  I loved watching all the games and seeing Skyline go so far. :) Thanks to the Fitzie's for the great time. Can't wait to come again.  

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Kaity Fitzgerald said...

you are welcome and it was good to see you again and you need to come back again!!!!!!! hehehehe talk to you soon.