Monday, January 5, 2009

Bugging me

I think today is officially, "Treat Molly like a dumb-ass day" (I may deserve the day).
As one of the attorney's was leaving, I told him to "Drive Safe" He responded by correcting me and telling me it was "Drive Safely". So how does everyone feel about correcting some one's English? Is it rude? Or is it the nice thing to do? Is it the same as telling someone they have something stuck in their teeth, embarrassing, but you are thankful after it is all said and done? I am still out on how I feel about the whole situation. This attorney has corrected me about something else before. I responded by talking to him in monosyllabic terms for the rest of the day. (and coincidentally enough, he made the quick quip after he corrected my grammar, "don't go monosyllabic on me again!") To that I say, maybe don't make me feel like a complete idiot around you and I will be myself and want to talk with you. That will be the last time I wish him a safe drive home.
This was the first day I have had someone come up and totally doesn't know who they are meeting with. So I looked up to see if a room was booked (nothing). I looked them up by name (nothing) I tried to help them as best as I could, but I couldn't find anything on this client. He was fine with leaving (he was already late he said) and finding out the name and calling back. So I thought everything was fine, until one of the atty. called me up asking me what happened. I explained the story again. She seemed a little annoyed with me and said, "Next time you should send out an email to everyone." (It actually is a good idea, but the tone and the way she said it really bugged me. If I would have done it, she would have been one of those that emails or calls to say that I shouldn't have done that because of confidentiality. ) I don't know, maybe next time you should tell YOUR client what your name is! :) (Um and if there are grammerical mistakes, let them go... focus your attention on other things, like Darfur or Global Warming) :)

UPDATE: The next day he appologized for the correction. He said that he corrects his kids all the time and doesn't realize that it could be rude. That makes me feel better. I feel a little less paranoid when I talk to him! :)


Rachel said...

I don't think he should have corrected you. I mean come on, he knew what you meant. Sheesh, now I'm bugged, I hate when people do that!

Jennifer Lee said...

I guess I am bad! I don't even think about it and I correct people all the time! Yikes. I'm never trying to be rude, I just am a fan of proper English, I guess?

Rachel said...

That was really nice of him!