Monday, May 10, 2010


Some of my family members know that I have a blog, (and some like my sister like to just mock and make fun of me.) but most are unaware of my internet status. I usually keep most of the family stuff that doesn't directly effect anyone outside of the Sodermoto family out of the blog, but there are times, like the one you are about to read, that make me feel like I should share a bit.
In March, my 40-something year old cousin, Vanessa, passed away. She had struggled with the major skeleton in our family's closet, alcoholism, for a while and it finally won. She was living in Peru, had been a teacher, had been a wife, and was just living the way she had wanted to live. When my aunt got the call that things were very serious, my uncle and her rushed there (as quickly as like a ten hour flight can be rushed) to be by her side for the last little bit. It was heartbreaking to hear how my aunt made it hours before her only child died and unfortunately, Vanessa was already comatose so was unable to communicate with my aunt before she passed.In May, my aunt saw an advertisement on tv for a medium named John Edwards, (not the politician.) who was coming to do a seminar in Vegas. She felt a very strong feeling like she had to be there, so my uncle and her went to the show. I don't know if you have ever seen John Edwards (J.E.), (he used to have a show on cable that he walks around the room filled with people and gets little trinkets of information about people. He claims he doesn't ever see full shots of people or events, but more like blips of what the entity wants him to get across.) but when he gets stuff right it is creepy. At the show, he started to walk around and went right to my aunts row (literally one person away from her). (creepy) He proceeds to stand there and say there is a middle aged woman whose name starts with a "V" (J.E. said her name was like Vanessa or Vera) who just recently passed. At this point my aunt responds that it could be her daughter. He starts by saying she is very persistant (In life, she was an only child and wanted things her way) She was standing there with a man and a woman, (J.E. said the man was her Grandfather and that he had just had a birthday. (Grandpa's birthday was May 4) Creepy) J.E. said that she had died in South America and he knew about the t-shirt that my aunt had brought back of Vanessa's that she had gotten from a bike ride she had completed. He said that Vanessa wanted to let her know that she is alright and that she wanted to talk with her at the hospital at the end but was unable to. At one point, John Edwards walked away, but had to return to my aunt because Vanessa was so persistant also about conveying the point that she knew she was difficult to live with and Vanessa realized that now and was sorry. (seriously creepy.)
All in all, I think my aunt walked a way with a sense of calm surrounding Vanessa. Regardless of what you believe, the thing that makes me happy is the fact that my Aunt has found peace with her daughters passing now all because of John Edwards. Gold Star for you, John.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

That's pretty darn wild. I'm glad it made your aunt feel better.

Melissa Joy said...

Wow! That is pretty darn crazy and the fact that your Aunt felt drawn to be there.. Gave me the goosebumps for sure!