Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My pups are in Utah. I am in Seattle. They are my babies. What am I doing here with out them? Making a better life for us, right? Right! Boy, I miss them though. They were my laughter everyday. Thankfully though, I have my sister and her family to try to keep me entertained. Like today, when my sister and I went to the store, and she was being a silly by talking to me with a British/Australian accent. I was unfortunately about 5 feet ahead of her when she said, "Ello, Mate!" and another guy heard her and responded by saying that he was actually from Britain. The guy then proceeded to wait for us at the end of another aisle to relive the awkward moment again. It was the most entertaining time at a grocery store I have had in a long while.
Then I hear that my pup Kimi was wrestling with Ratchet and hit her back end into a rock. (She is fine and no harm done.) But I don't like to hear that my little girl went crying to someone else. (Thankfully, she is in very capable hands.) :) I can't wait until we have the reunion. It will be the best!

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A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Being dog-sick is tough indeed. I feel for you.