Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh to be a dog....

Every weekend we try to make some special "Kimi" time. We try to find something good to for her to do.  (Yes, we are one of THOSE couples that likes to pamper our pet.) We figure that she is such a good dog during the week, (ie she didn't rip apart anything or eaten anything that she wasn't suppose to (like drawing pencils or sharpies)) that she should be rewarded.  I love to take her to the dog park.  It is a such a fun place to go and experience society.  There are always the "social butterflies", the "recluse", the "low-self esteem", the "bully", the "follower".  All of these groups are the dogs, not their owners. (although most of owners do reflect what their dog is.)  I love to see how Kimi fits into the scheme of things. She is always hesitant at first (Travis says she needs to warm up a bit.) It is a overwhelming when you first enter because all the other dogs rush over to see you and sniff you. (although Kimi gets all the  cold noses in her bum so I understand how she could need a little time to warm up.) After the initial "warm-up" is over, she runs around and (I would like to think) is the social butterfly. You can just picture in your head Kimi running and checking in with everyone making sure they are alright and happy with what is going on.  She is pretty mellow once she settles in, then we can watch all the other dogs. It is so funny to watch all the different personalities work out their differences and still have a good time. There is no bitterness and hatred toward anyone (and the backbiting only happens for a sec then they realize that isn't going to accomplish anything!), they work it out and move on.  If only the world were more like a dog park, minus the sniffing and cold noses.

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