Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love it!!!

I love the fact that some secretaries around here are a couple degrees below useless. When I was trained, I was taught when I have someone here for an Attorney, I call their secretary FIRST. My job is not to keep track of YOUR attorney. It is not my fault that YOUR attorney didn't tell you about the meeting. Yes, I will page them, but I can't leave my desk to track down YOUR responsibility and to do YOUR job!
I love when I need a signature from some "important" person at my work, that I have to call at least 5 people to get a hold of one of them.
I love the fact that when I FINALLY get ahold of someone he makes the process server wait for about 30 minutes.
I love that when the process server has to leave because he can't wait any longer and I call the said "important" person that his response is "oh yeah, I was suppose to come up there." Classic!
I love when I say "hi" to certain people they look at me like I'm a cockroach! Yes I am a lowly receptionist and I don't deserve any respect whatsoever! Thank you for putting me in my place.
I love when I call someone to tell them an appointment is here/a question regarding their work/ or some other business related call and they hang up without saying good-bye.
I love hearing stories about how some ass-hat of an Attorney is treating one of my friends like dirt and nothing will come of it. He is such a peach of a person.
Now my real loves.....
I love the fact that when I tell my Dad to help me create a cake stand for my husband's U.S.S. Enterprise Cake for his birthday he goes and buys a toy so he can look at it closer and figure out the logistics.
I love when my co-workers come by to actually talk to me. (and we actually get to chat when there isn't any phones ringing)
I love that Kimi was so happy to go on a car ride this morning that she actually closed her eyes to let the wind cover her face.
I love that my husband is dressing up for a contest at work for the best Star Trek costume. (with a chance to win $75 as first prize)
I like the nice process servers that come in a bring me a piece of candy just because. (they are seriously just being nice).
It isn't that bad.... I just try to focus more on the good stuff! :)


♥ Braja said...

Hey you :) Nice to meet you. I can't wait for the column either. I hope I don't lose all my friends because of it. If so, I'll just move in with Debbie....

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Hmmm. Interesting. It sounds like you are grossly underemployed, and from my own experience, there is not much that's worse.

Before I went to law school I worked in law firms as a copy clerk, a runner, a receptionist, a secretary, and finally, a paralegal. I could email you my post about the time I served a lawyer coffee garbed in an impromptu waiter outfit; I curtsied after I served it, right in front of a client . . . and lived to tell the tale.

Thank goodness for children!

Sodermoto said...

"Lawyer Mom" hillarious. I would love to hear your post. (my email is
I would love to do that to some of our attys. Sadly, my calling in life is not being a receptionist, but hopefully a web designer. :) Thanks for the great comments.

Melissa Joy said...

AMEN to ALL of that! I could not agree with those peeves any more!
And I love your positives. Your Dad seriously sounds like the cutest!