Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Uprising caused by a Tumor!

So after all this time the thing I have to do to get my family read this blog is to write stories about them. I understand that they would be more excited to read it if it was about them, but I had no idea it would cause the feud between sisters!  (We aren't in a fight, but apparently, I owe one of my sisters a heavy "apology" coffee and something else that is yet to be determined. Freakin' baby!)  My other sister, Wonderwoman, was a little shocked that I put the diva picture of her on here. But she added some insight as to why Hulk is the way that she is.  She said she alway used to squish her (like in the picture of her sitting on the Hulk).  Whatever that means!  My mom just seems to find it funny about all of it and I don't think my Dad has been able to take any time to look at it because he is too busy playing Bejeweled.  :)  
The Hulk seems to think it is funny to call me "tumor" in her comment.   And that is because I was a little bit of a mistake.  My mom called up my aunt, The Nurse, and said that she wasn't feeling well and said she thought she had cancer.  The Nurse laughed and said that the cancer will come out in about 9 months and to go see her doctor. And sure enough in nine months, the best thing that ever happened to my family was born!  lol (I am sure that will get a rise out of em!) And that is the story of how I came to be and why my sister called me the Tumor. (Another name she has had for me include Unihorn, but that one is for another day) 

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Rachel said...

This is so funny! So tumor eh?