Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hates and annoying things....

As I sit here after cleaning my house, I realize that I have a few things that are bugging me (as a disclaimer, these are not things that are bad enough for me to hate, leave, or never speak to you again... they are just my pet peeves at the moment.) 
  • When you hand wash dishes, please, please, please wash the pans last and use really hot soapy water so they come out clean and not with a thin layer of grease on them. 
  • When someone says "have a good night" to you, please respond with something more than just "yeah."  I understand you are an attorney and I am a lowly receptionist, but it just makes you seem like a serious douche and is just bad manners.  
  • If you have a family, please don't complain about your children or family life.  Some of us are fertility challenged and don't want to hear about how your kids are driving you up a wall when we would be thankful to have a child.
  • When I clean the house, this is not a free invitation to pull out all your toys that I have put away.  (This is aimed at Kimi, Travis doesn't pull out his action figures very often!) 
  •  If someone invites you to be a friend on facebook, the polite thing to do is accept them.  This is a golden rule for family members which you should always accept.  Oh and if both members of a couple invites you to be friends, you should accept BOTH of them.  (Yeah, I don't even think the person that is intended to will even respond or care) 
  • Oh, if you don't accept the invitation to be friends with someone, DON'T expect that person will ever make home made goodies for you.  (No cookies for you!!!!) ;) No, but for reals.
  • When someone offers to do the laundry, it includes putting away all the clothes as well as washing them. 
  • And lastly, I hate the feeling like I am behind on life because we don't have a house and kids.  I am only 28 and still have plenty of time to get either of those.  
I feel better getting those off my chest. Again they are not meant to hurt anyones feelings, but just simply to make me feel better. :) Thanks for listening


Janalyn and Rob said...

You make me laugh!! If you feel behind, then where does that put me? :)

Rachel said...

It always feels so good to vent!!