Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hulk and Wonder Woman!

The Divas
The Hulk and Wonder Woman
I am so scared I am trying to hide from her!
See how the Hulk controls! 
Again with the controlling!
Wonder Woman knows how to control too!
The Hulk and Wonder Woman

So tonight I called one of my sisters who was having a discussion with her oldest child about a sleepover.  My Niece wanted to have a sleep over and my sister (who told me that she will make me pay if I use her name on here. So instead of using her name I will just call her, um.... The Hulk.)  told her no because they had family pictures tomorrow to take.  I know it is the responsible thing to have Kaity miss her sleepover, but also I remember what it was like to be a kid. I played devils advocate and told Kaity that I remember some of  the not responsible things that The Hulk had done. Lets see if I can remembered some of them.  She flooded my parents kitchen cabinets having a water fight with some kids in the neighborhood.  Her friend and her locked me in a dog kennel when I was about 6.  Both the Hulk and Wonderwoman made me ride around in a the back of a Chevette (in like the hatchback) while they went on a trek across Weber and Davis county to find bumper stickers for a radio station.  Wonderwoman tied me to a vacuum one time.  Maybe Kaity should call Grandma and ask about the grease spot on her couch in her living room that is a reminant from a party the Hulk threw.   I know the Hulk is going to freak about this, but I think it is only fair.  :) I love my sisters to death and am happy to have them in my life. For all the "mean things" they did to me, there were a lot of times that they were good to me.   :)  Maybe next time you should cut the kid some slack and let her go to her sleepover! ;) 


Kaity Fitzgerald said...

hahahahhahahahaha thanks i bet when she sees this she will freak!!! ahahaha when you come up here you better bring her something nice and she might forget it. hopefully! :/ hahahahah :)

Rachel said...

Love these pictures! Totally brings back memories!

Kaity Fitzgerald said...

Hahahahha....SO FUNNY!!!! Molly you just crack me (Kaity's mom) U.P.!!! What a riot....NOT. However, to clarify, my little "tumor", it wasn't my fault that there is grease on mom's couch...ask your older, older sister about that one.
Also, I think you have mislabeled your pictures from the 80's. The word "controlling" needs to be replaced with "people who actually cares for me instead of wanting to leave me on Antelope Island to get eaten by buffalos". You might want to "re-evaluate" your perception of your childhood and invest in some psychotherapy. Just a thought.
Hey, and the Hulk in your pictures is probably the cutest little Hulk EVER. Love the long socks, too. Very stylish for her age......

Sodermoto said...

Thanks Hulk! Oh and btw the older sister sold you out a few years ago and told mom and dad about the party you threw that got out of hand. She also mentioned that it was definitely one of your party friends that had the greasy hair! lol. So mom believes that it was one of your parties. Sorry!