Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Our Table Setting, nothing too fancy.  (Oh and BTW, Mom, there were enough placesettings before you messed with my table!) ;)  
Travis drawing before dinner
The Hardman Boys all dressed up! :) 
The "Kiddie" Table
Our version of the Norman Rockwell Painting. 

Our Thanksgiving went well. All the cooking was wonderful. We had a great cheese tray for an appetizer (Thanks Mari)  and there were no major disasters.   I know all the cooking stuff will bore, but I made all homemade dishes this year.  Usually when I do that I end up making two dishes one of the old and one of the new dish (like gravy I usually make some packet gravy and some homemade gravy or with the stuffing I would have done Stovetop and homemade) But this year I decided we needed to be more minimalist, and made the executive decision that we were going to risk it and eat all that we had.  It was so much easier. Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Turkey, Potatoes, Gravy and that was it. Delicious.  The only problem tends to be my mom sometimes. She always likes to be busy and it ended up that she started rearranging the table saying there wasn't enough spots.  (Thankfully I took a picture after I had set the table--- proof, to leave my table alone I know how to count!!! )  No, I know she was just trying to be helpful, but I swear she is a such a meddler.  She is a great mom, very good at doing the "mom" thing (you know sometime getting into things that she shouldn't bother with) and sometimes she just causes trouble. Travis likes to call me and my mom Lucy and Ethel (from the I Love Lucy Show)  because we usually plot and plan together. For her Thanksgiving antics,  she was all along causing trouble. That is my mom!  Love her to death! Thanks for letting me use your kitchen.  

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Rachel said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your such a Martha!:0)