Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stocking story

The greatest part about Christmas at the Tsukamoto's house was the stockings.  I always loved what Santa would bring me, like lip gloss, lotions, jewelry, and candy.  It was definetly the greatest moment on Christmas morning  and the part I still look forward to the most.  When I was young, and was the "mistake" of the family, I was always teasing my mom because she made "Wonder Woman" and "the Hulk" these beautiful stockings with all sorts sequins and bead work.  They were always so pretty to pull out of the ZCMI box they were stored in. Then mine would be pulled out. It was a wooly stocking with the letters of my name glued on it.  In the way of the Tsukamoto's we always gave my mom a hard time about it. The story was always the same about how my mom worked so hard and long on those stupid stockings that when I was born she couldn't do it again.  Finally, when I was about 20 or so, I recieved a wonderful present.... 
I loved it. It was great, all that I ever dreamed of. One thing, I love, I mean, LOVE my little wooly one.   I still put up both of them because they both have a special place in my heart! Thanks Mom! :) 
So to keep with the tradition of having great stockings for our family, I made Travis one a few years back.  It has on it a happy little penguin, a Spiderman charm, and of course his beloved Nintendo controller.  Happy Christmas! 

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Jennifer Lee said...

I love the nintendo controller on your husband's stocking, so cute!