Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So one of the legal secretaries just walked past my desk from the break room, said nothing to me and then called me to ask me a question when she got back to her desk 1 minute later. REALLY???!!!! She is a little bit of a raunch so I won't press it but I just thought to myself, why couldn't you just ask me that when you go by... whatever.
I have also realized that I think with all the brains that are around here there are a lot of little weird tendencies. A lot, I mean A LOT of the attorneys talk to themselves. Not like one or two words, but like sentences and conversations. It is a riot. They also tend to notice the little things (which is why they are all good attorney's) One of the younger attorneys just stopped in the foyer because the grout in the granite tiles is a different color. And he said he has always noticed it. Hillarious!


Rachel said...

This is too funny! I wonder if Jeremy will talk to himself when he graduates! :0)

Digger said...

Don't judge us. We are weird people. I believe that school does that to us, so we are tainted from the beginning.