Sunday, December 14, 2008

Go speed racer, go go speed racer....

Poor Back Door :(
That is the sound wall out the window
This morning as we were driving to my parents house for Sunday dinner, we got into a little bit of a wreck.  It was a snowy morning and the roads were slushy. I changed lanes from the far right lane to the middle lane, when I started fish-taling to my left, across 2 lanes. I got us out of that fishtale only to over correct and ended up doing a full 360 to our right.  We ended up off the road and within like an inch of the sound wall.  Thankfully, (and I mean that our guardian angel was working overtime this morning) we were all ok.  As we were spinning, we missed every car and were lucky to only see the oncoming traffic coming toward us instead of hitting into any of them. (Oh and also for the first time ever, I didn't get a ticket when the police came!) Also the only damage was on the back door and the back bumper. Seriously, I am just so happy that everyone I love was alright. Kimi was the most scared. While we were waiting for the Highway Patrol to stop, some snow plows went by and Kimi started to shake and her ears were pinned to her head. (she started shaking again when we were getting towed out of the mud and snow and back onto the road also.)  So to recap, Travis is fine, Kimi is fine, my car is hurt, but drivable, and I am going to become a stunt driver! Call me Speed!  


Digger said...

So glad you guys are alright!!!! Love and Miss ya!

Janalyn and Rob said...

You are such a show off!

But seriously, that is scary! Glad everyone is OK, even your poor little car will make it through. :)

Driving in snowy/icy conditions is definitely one thing that un-nerves me. You are always so steady handed in those kinds of situations. Maybe you should go pro! :)