Friday, December 5, 2008

The reason I am going to hell....

So a guy named Hu (pronounced Who) just came into the firm. I was trying to locate the attorney and all I could play in my head was the Abbott and Costello bit, "Who's on first?" The client was Asian and that makes it even more funny to me. I am sitting her just laughing to myself because I keep playing in my head how the conversation would have gone. "Hello this is Molly at the front desk and there is a Hu waiting for you?" The secretary would say, "Who?"
Molly: "Yeah that is right." And this would continue on for a while until I would just completely lose it. I am so amused right now, and I think the fact that it is Friday has something to do with it, too. :)

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Janalyn and Rob said...

That bit always makes me laugh.