Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye old friend

(Not a picture of ours, but it looked like this)

Last week my father decided to sell their 1988 motor home. This had been the motor home we have taken all of our 'family' vacations in for the last 22 years. I remember all the trips we took in it:
Montana about a million times
Bear Lake about a billion times
St. George every Easter for about 5 years
California (Redwood Forest and a different time to Disneyland/Seaworld)
Oregon Coast
South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore
And everywhere in between.
It has been a great member of the family and will be missed, but it was time to let someone else have the fun in it. Since we have all grown up, my parents only used it once every year so it was more of a money pit than a savings like before.
I always remember the gas fill ups where my mom and me would go and raid the ice cream section of the convenient store. She would always buy my dad a cup of ice and pull the Nilla wafers out of the cupboard to help him stay awake for the rest of the rides. During my mom's shift, which usually included the straightest part of the road trip, we would sing oldies and make each other laugh while my dad would take a rest. (He would nap until either we would wake him up with our laughter or the rumble strips on the side of the road would jostle him awake.) All my happy road trip memories were in that motor home. Thanks for all the good time, old friend, you will be missed.

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That motor home is where I learned to spell your last name!! I remember sitting in the back with you while you taught me! I always tell Jeremy about our adventures and am so grateful that your family included me on them!