Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aquarium Time

Last Sunday, we took Baby to the aquarium for the first time. I know that some may think that he is too young (at a mere 3 1/2 months) to understand what was going on, but I was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. He loved to look in the aquariums at the moving fish and all the lights. Of course, half way through he decided it was nap time, so Soder and myself got to enjoy the outdoor creatures (i.e. the otters, seals and birds) with the little guy asleep. I love the otters and seals and can't wait until Baby is old enough to appreciate them too. Soder had a great time as well because it was his first 'real' aquarium. (the only one he had ever been to is the one in SLC and that one is built in an old converted grocery store. Much different from the Seattle Aquarium) I am looking forward to many more visits there.

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