Friday, August 29, 2008

Dropping some philosophy on you

Let me start out by saying, i don't normally do this, but i was "doinked" on the head by inspiration today and i feel i must write it down so i can remember it.

What inspired this blog has been building for awhile now and was brought in to full realization by the movie surfs up "insert laugh here" yeah, yeah, i know a movie about surfing penguins for children, *click* I'm going to another website.
well before you do hear me out.

Through out my life i have been drawing, drawing and drawing. Everyone close to me always told me i was good, but i have never felt good enough so i practice, constantly. In college i was told that i was heavy handed, in my mark making. This made no sense to me, heavy handed? *pssshhhh, isn't everyone?
And that's about all the thought i gave it.

That was until recently....
I was figure drawing the Olympians on the TV every night, and no matter how hard i tried they subject turned out stiff rigid, lifeless, i got so frustrated with my efforts i said to myself, screw it I'm just going to let my hand flow loosely and what happens happens.
and the result was Superior to anything that i have drawn in a long time.

since then every time i draw and catch myself bearing down on my drawing i loosen my hand on the image and come up the image i was looking for.
this looseness idea has been floating around in the back of my mind ever since.

Today, while watching "surfs up" there was a scene that made concrete what was floating around in the back of my mind, and that is there is a scene when the retired big z is teaching the kid how to make a surf board. Big z hands the tool to the kid and the kid hacks away at the wood.
big z grabs the tool from cody and says:
Big Z
: [teaching Cody to carve a board] All right, look. First of all, with the grain. With the grain. You see what I'm doing here?
You let the tool do the work, you see?
Just like you're riding the wave, you let the wave do the work.
You don't fight the wave. You can't fight these big waves.

and the more i thought about, it the more i realized that it applies to drawing. but it also applies to life, the more you fight the wave the more you get tossed off but if you relax and deal with your situation, you'll be able to ride it where ever you want to go.

think about it. your faced with a huge problem or project, you FREAK, you worry, you stress. does it help the situation? no. does it help you better understand what is going on? no
the only thing you can do is stay in the moment and deal with it as it comes. flow with the moment cause no matter how hard you fight you ll have to face it. so why not face it head on, and flow with it. and in the end you'll come out better than you would've fighting it.

or I'm full of crap and in which case FIGHT FIGHT LOL

OK its out of my system, take it for what its worth, keep the idea in the back of your mind and let is sit there who knows you might see a show about penguins or giraffes or even badgers (that was for you honey)that might bring you to the same realization that i did.
I know with me i might be taught something but sometimes its until I'm faced with the situation. that i finally understand what i was told. Thus the heavy handed and now after I'm graduated i finally get it.

well i don't know how to end this so ill just say

Good bye!!!

(^_^) *WAVE

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