Monday, August 11, 2008

My new job...

So I just got done with my new job... I don't know if it really counts today because I just went to a team building activity at the Energy Solutions Arena.  I got to meet a bunch of people that I would work with.  They all seem super nice and excited to have me there. I am can't wait to actually start and do some work. The girls I met were a little overwhelming because they proceeded to say how no one will be there to teach me, and that they don't know what I do and so they can't help me learn it, but they promised that it would be nice. I am a little worried because the best thing about their job seemed to be the fact that they were able to get off work when they needed because the state was so lenient.  I don't know if that is a good thing. I don' t know if I picked the wrong job or made a huge mistake. At the activity, they had the speakers Amanda Dixon (who seriously bugged the hell out of me because she laughed at her own jokes the whole time) and Richard Evans, the author of the Christmas Box book.  They were both very good speakers, let me rephrase that, they both had really good points that actually made me think.  I really liked the idea that Amanda had.  She said that we should just accept the fact that we are who we are.  (like you shouldn't be sad/mad because someone isn't married, not pregnant or wanting to be out of debt) You should just realize that that is who you are suppose to be.  So I need to just be happy being Trav's wife and Kimi's mom and quit being unhappy that I am not pregnant or in my own house. I need to realize that is who I am suppose to be and just accept it.  Very smart and really refreshing to try to think of it that way.  I will work on it. :) Richard Evans just was talking about how when he was 12 years old he heard a millionaire give a talk about money. And he has written a book about how he made it happen. They gave us a free copy of the book, so if anyone else wants to read it let me know and you can totally borrow it. The first step is to realize that you want to be wealthy... so that one is the first step. So since I haven't read the book yet that is one I will tell you about.  He was like you need to decide that first and commit to it. You are suppose to go home and write it up. So does a blog count as writing it down?  lol I guess it is close enough for now.  I have pretty much rambled on a lot more than I was planning on. Sorry this one isn't as carefree as they have been in the past, but for some reason I think that it is pretty great therapy to write it all down.  :) Thanks for reading! :) Talk to ya all later. 

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