Monday, August 25, 2008

Yeah, I'm old....

This weekend we went to Pineview camping with Trav's family.  It was a great weekend, except for one little thing.  I was playing hacky sack with Trav and Kimi.  All of a sudden I felt a little pop and that was it. It totally tweaked my back and I have been down ever since.  I have been laying around the house for all day today. :) I have been catching up on my Gray's Anatomy. (They are a lot better on DVD than they were on t.v. because 1)no commercials, and 2) they add a lot to the show)  I have been so lazy, but I guess this is the summer that I take it a little easier. (what between the unemployment and now this.)  
Anyways, camping was a blast. We got to hang out and chat with Trav's Cousin, JT. He is so freakin' funny.  We all stayed up and were talking around the campfire.  It was so much fun.  I love to listen to all their inside stories about when they were growing up.  All they do is try to upstage one another with funny memories.  It is a riot.  I love when Trav and JT get together because they tease and act just like brothers.  
Well it is back to relaxing on the couch. :) Hopefully, my back will be better by the time LA comes on Friday!  (I will be ok on Friday. I am going to be great by Friday!) 


Rachel said...

Well you are almost 28! I hope your back gets better real soon! In the meantime enjoy your down time.

Win and Rob said...

I am feeling old and broken too...maybe we will just end up having an old ladies kind of vacation. :)

But I know you are probably faking anyways...kidding, of course!

Hope you feel better!