Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fishing is dangerous

During my fun unemployed adventures, I went fishing yesterday with my Dad and his 2 neighbors, Claudia and Karen.  It was so much fun. We didn't catch very many fish (We let Claudia reel in 2 fish and Karen reeled in one). It was a slow day fishing, but a great day to relax.  We went up to Strawberry Reservoir and it was a beautiful blue sky day. I loved it. I even got to captain the boat. (like the hat.)  ;)  I love being on the boat and just laughing and having a good time. There were a few sketchy times along the way of course.  
My dad loves to look around at the scenery. He has always done this and probably always will. Occasionally, he will wander along the road, which is fine if you know this is how he drives. Unfortunately, my neighbors didn't know this. 
There were a few times he hit the rumble strips on the side of the road and scared them half to death.  (he always jokes that when he hits the rumble strips he is just cleaning the rocks out of the tread of his tires) It was kinda funny because my dad totally just laughed it off while they were just freaking out.   During our time on the lake, we were pulling in for a break to one of the docks there was a huge gust of wind that spun us 
around in a circle. It took my dad a few times before he was able to get us in a position to tie to the dock. A little scary, but he eventually got it tied with no swear or short tempers.   
The pinnacle of the trip had to be when my dad asked me to help him load the boat. So he had gotten the boat loaded onto the trailer and secured with a clasp to the front of the trailer.  He just needed me to move his truck up the ramp. This is where all the action movies I have had to watch came into effect. I went running off the dock and jumped onto the boat ramp.  I thought it was maybe only 6 inches down to the boat
 ramp, but I was off by about a foot. My feet were going a lot slower than my body and I totally fell.  With my lightening fast reflexes (yeah right),  I was able to roll out of the fall, but not before I landed on my wrist.  :)  Yeah, I am a totally clod. I am sure it was at least entertaining to watch and thankfully only Claudia saw.  My wrist is still a little sore.  I am only this accident prone because we don't have insurance right now. I haven't had anything happen to me in years and now because we don't have insurance all this stuff is happening. (we will be insure as of the first, thankfully.)  So now my war wounds are my wrist, my elbow was scraped along with both my knees,  a huge, ugly bruise on my shin from hitting into a cooler on the boat, and my back is still a little sore.   Knock on wood that is the only things that happen to me!  I am going to LA tomorrow come hell or high water.  They will be taking me on a stretcher if anything else happens.  :) 

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Rachel said...

Your dad looks the EXACT same as I remember! I remember going boating with you on Bear Lake. A lot of my childhood memories include all the fun trips your family was so kind to take me on! By the way I like your hat!