Monday, August 4, 2008

Travis- checking in............

molly does a great job with our blog but i thought i would drop my 2 cents in. so if you haven't seen it yet Dark knight is a comic book on film. this is what every comic book fan has been waiting for this kind of film is what most of the bat man comics are like so if you like this movie you'll love the comic. as for myself my new job is awesome i cant believe that i get to make logos and designs for a living, i always thought growing up that the options where doctor, fireman, policeman, lawyer, scientist, painter. i never knew this was a job. its not Seattle but its a stepping stone to where ever we want to go. I'm excited for Molly's new job it will dramatically cut down on her drive, and so far the people seem awesome. bear lake was a great very relaxing, Kimmi is doing well and i have played metal gear solid 4, you are a solder in the middle of a war but you arnt involved in the war you are just moving through it towards other goals not involved with the on going war. its a great concept. the graphics are amazing i am in awe of it. I'm glad molly is reading a series she likes its been a long time since she has enjoyed a series like this. well i think i have rambled on long enough until next time *wave

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Sodermoto said...

Trav, you are such a comic book geek! :) I think it is hillarious that you tell everyone about the best comic book movie ever. (Batman says *in his grumbly voice* "Thanks!!")
Also fyi... Kimiko's shortened name is Kimi. ;) Love ya!!!