Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So here is one of those fun little surveys I got off my friend Jan's blog.  And now since I have a little free time I thought I would fill it out. :)  So here we go....

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was a just starting my Senior year of high school. I think I worked at Arby's and was dating a member of the football team who shall remain nameless. :) 

5 things on my to-do list today

Go to Salt Lake ATC and find out info (check)
Clean Kimi's blankets (check)
Look for jobs
Make dinner tonight
Wash Trav's car

5 Snacks I enjoy
Frozen grapes, Oreos, Trail mix, Coffees and Chocolate

5 Bad Habits 

Leaving the dishes for someone else to do (sorry Trav)
Spending too much time on the internet
Chew my nails
Impulse buy (I am usually really good but sometimes the shopper in me just takes over, kinda like how the Hulk takes over Bruce Banner's life.  There you go Trav a comic book reference! I know you love them)
I am very bull headed. 

5 Places I have lived

Sunset, UT 
West Glacier, MT
Redmond, WA
Ogden, UT 
North Salt Lake, UT 

5 jobs I have had

Weber County Assessor as an Office Specialist
The Gap as a Stock Supervisor
Glacier Wilderness Guide/Montana Raft Company as an Office Girl
Kid to Kid as a customer service person
Arby's as as shift supervisor.   
(I have had more than 5 jobs but here are the most memorable.) 

5 things people don't know about me

I met Trav and 3 weeks later we were engaged.  (but we waited for a year to get married. I was apparently anxious for the diamond. ;) ) 

I collect magnets from where ever I go on vacation.

I love to look up how famous celebrities died. (creepy, I know,  but so addictive... thanks JT for turning me on to the website 

I have chewed my nails ever since I was little. I start chewing more when I am nervous or scared. 

I am a sap for lovey or inspirational stories. I now cry at everything. During the Olympics, I can hardly stand to watch the stories about the athletes because I will start crying. I am such a wimp! ;) 

5 people to tag

Like Janalyn said, just everybody should do this. 
I love these things. :) Such a waste of time, but so much fun to do. Thanks Jan!  


Win and Rob said...

I didn't realized that you guys got engaged so fast! I collect magnets from everywhere I go too. Maybe I actually copied that one from you...either way, it's a good idea. :)

Sugary Frogs said...

This was so much fun to read! I didn't know you worked at Glacier, what a great experience!