Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travis Checking in......

hey everyone!

having molly at home has been nice (^_^) i love coming home to her and her smiling face. im glad she is happy(^_^). she is going fishing tommorow and i know she is going to clear out strawberry lake lol. meanwhile i will be at work, i love the job but i am soooooooo looking forward to having 3 days off. i hope to be updating my odarkcity.com this weekend and get some metal gear solid 4 under my belt plus some quality time with my cous jt.

and let me just say we are currently watching the democratic national convention and let me tell you 3 things we notice. 1) people dont pay attention to the speakers 2) the warm up speakers are the most bland and monotone speakers, i have ever heard this leadbetter lady has good stories but does not understand how to use emotion to accentuate ANYTHING! 3) the random cheers and boos at things democrats are supposed to not like just now this senator leadbetter was talking and no one was cheering or anything throughout her entier speech filled with valid points, but when she mentioned big business BOOOOOO! LOL wow.... also what is with the dumptruck backup beeping while she is talking? whats with the 80's pop songs inbetween speakers.... so many questions lol well better get going its a long week left talk to you later true believers!


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