Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Los Angeles

This last weekend my friend, Janalyn and I went to L.A. for a trip. It was so much fun. We caused all sorts of problems. We decided to go to Sprinkles, which is a designer cupcake bakery.  We finally found it and proceeded to get into line (yes the line went out of the little tiny bakery and onto the street.)   Some crazy lady totally walked up and butted in front of us and went inside. So Jan just went up to her and said, "um, the line actually starts outside."  She didn't even say it beasty or anything.  So we finally got inside to order and we turned around and the lady was standing right behind us. She proceeded to tell us that she was in a tv show and that she honestly didn't know the line was outside and that we should say it nicer to her.  We both were just like, "yeah, we know you didn't mean to butt in line and it is totally ok."  After that we just got our cupcakes and got the hell out of there.  When we got outside we busted up laughing.  The "actress" (who btw we can't even picture who she is.  She probably is an extra in something) was totally pulling the "don't you know who I am?" And we were just laughing to ourselves because no we don't know who she was. lol  It was one of the funniest things that happened.  
We also ate at a bunch of tasty restaurants like The Pink Taco (where my source says that Posh Spice frequents often, but she wasn't there that afternoon), The Cheesecake Factory (but I was kinda sick after sharing a bunch of cupcakes), California Pizza Factory,  PF Chang. 
 We also found a Pink Berry which has the best frozen yogurt every. They were delicious. 
We also visited the Westwood Cemetery.  It is where Marilyn Monroe is buried.  It is very morbid, but it is so interesting to me.  These are actually stars I know, unlike the lady from Sprinkles. :) (Oh we did see the  actress, Melissa George at a pet shop)
We also went to see the musical Wicked. 
It was very good, but different from what I expected.  I liked the story a lot. 
All in all it was a fun trip and can't wait to do it again. We did a lot of shopping (I so love Crate and Barrel and spent entirely too much money on a Mario Batelli Spoonula) and talking, lot and lots of talking!  :)  I hope we get to go again.   It was very fun, but man I am so tired from the go go go.  I think I need another vacation! :)  Thanks again Janalyn! Great Idea for a Girls Weekend. 

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Rachel said...

What a great weekend! Sounds like tons of fun! I can't believe the cupcake lady!