Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'll Get You My Pretty.....

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Wicked Witch Mug
Flying Monkey Gun

Today, my parents and sister Megan, came down to meet me for lunch.  We went out to Cafe Rio in Bountiful. It was way delicious. (thanks for the lunch, Dad)  My sister Meg and her family, gave me my birthday present early.  It had a theme to it that included monkeys and a wicked witch of the west.  I don't know if I should be taking this personally.  The present included some salt and pepper shakers, a wicked witch mug and a flying monkey gun.   I know I have laid down the law with my nephews a few times, but I had no idea that they thought of me as the Wicked Witch.  After seeing Wicked, I know that I must just be misunderstood in my family. :) That is the spin I am going to put on it. 
Really I love the present and think the salt and pepper shakers are a hoot!  Love it, and thanks!  :) (also thanks to Amy and Co for the great care package and cookbook (Trav is going to get fat) and My parents for the singing monkeys.  Apparently, the theme of my 28th year is starting out as the Year of the monkeys) :) Thanks Family, You guys are all the best! 


Win and Rob said...

I guess I didn't get the monkey memo in time...I just mailed your gift and apparently I am WAY off. :)

Rachel said...

Happy "official" birthday!

Lorena said...

Molly, I found your blog through Rachel's. What a happy surprise! I saw your Greek recipe book and was wondering if you have tried it out yet. I'm dying for some good home made Greek food. Let me know!