Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sean's Birthday!

 On Sunday ,we celebrated Sean's (my brother-in-law's) Birthday.  It was a nice Tsukamoto Sunday.  I made Chicken Salad sandwiches and it was very relaxing. Kaiyu has started to take Kimi on walks. She is such a good dog and he seems to enjoy spending time with her.  
Most of the day we all sat around and talked. We haven't been able to have very many Sunday Dinners since we moved and it has been summer. I hope we get to have them a little more often
 now that summer is almost over.  
Also this week, we got my Dad his first cell phone.  :) This is a big step for my dad. He totally thought we were putting him on a leash.  (it is totally not true, but he will believe what he wants to believe)  I hope he uses it and realizes that it isn't the end of the world if he has a little technology in his life! :) Love ya, Dad and hope you learn to love your new cell phone.  Also one more Happy Birthday, Sean!   You are getting old!  Just kidding. 

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Rachel said...

Molly I need your new address! I have the Ogden PO Box. Are you still using that? If not email me your address. Thanks!!! :0)