Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tagged: Our Answers

Molly's answers: Purple
Travis' answers: Orange

I am:
Stressed out more often than I think people realize. 

I think:
that going to school and working takes some adjustment time 
Kimi needs to get down. 

I know:
I am crazy. :)  
that Molly has the strength inside her to get through anything. 

I want:
to have a family. 
a drink because I am thirsty. 

I have:
a great husband, family and dog! 
a great family. 

I like: relaxing days

I dislike:
mail in rebates! 

I hope:
that the economy will not bring us all down.
that everything works out.

I miss:
my friends and family that live far away. 
stretching out my legs at night. (Kimi needs to sleep on her own bed.) 

I fear:
 That I will never have kids (man I am a downer!) :) 

I feel:

I am embarrassed: when I fail or quit. 
when I am messy.

I hear:
The Simpsons
cellphones are not a large cause of brain cancer. 

I smell:
my creme brulee candle.
What the Rock's cooking.

I crave:
a carmel macchiato.

I cry:
 when I get overwhelmed. 
when my pants get tight.

I search:
for answers especially on google.
for wisdom.

I wonder:
about what my life will hold. 
about science. 

I regret:
not finishing school when I went the first time. 

I love:
my family!
comic books! 

I care:
about what people think. 
alot about others. 

I always:
think about what if's 
think about how to improve my drawing abilities. 

I am not:
a patient person.
self absorbed.

I laugh:
when Kimi plays with all her toys at once. 
a lot

I remember:
my old men from coffee break! 
to be kind to others. 

I believe:
in people come into peoples lives for a reason. 
good will triumph.

I sing:
all the time in the car! 
anything and everything.

I dance:
in the car when I am really happy! (I am a dork!) 

I don’t always:
like to be a grown up. 
eat my vegatables.

I argue:
with Trav about keeping jobs. (I am a loser who doesn't want to work) 
too much. 

I write:

I adore:
Travis' designing ability 
my wife. 

I win:
the crazy award. 

I lose:
to Travis whenever I play any videogame. 
when I lose my temper. 

I listen:
to my mom. 
to the words of those who come before me. 

I don’t understand:
how everybody else can get pregnant but us! 
the general public.

I can usually be found: at home.
with my family having a good time. 

I need:
a break!
more tools so I can fix stuff around the house. 

I forget:
the nice things and remember all the bad. 
a lot more than I thought I ever would. 

I am happy:
when I cook. 
when I complete goals. 

I tag:

Thanks Jan. That was fun. As you can probably tell, half way through Travis got sidetracked with a video game. :)  He is such a geek! :) 

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Digger said...

Hey!! I loved reading your answers what a fun tag! We miss and love you guys!