Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's the little things

So as most of you know, I have started to go to school for Web Programming. I totally love it and wish I could just work on websites all day. While I have only been in school for the past month, I have totally found my niche.  I can't wait to start working either for a business or for our own company.  
I do have to thank my husband, who has been so supportive. Also I have to also apologize to him. (mark this on your calendar because it doesn't happen all the time that I apologize for anything.)  When he was learning about Flash (which is a program that you create websites and animations in) at Weber, I used to make fun of him when he couldn't get one of his buttons or animations to work.  I never understood why he got so upset about something so stupid. This is why I have to apologize. Ok so now I totally understand. Yesterday, I spend the better part of TWO hours trying to get a "stupid button" to turn from a link to a "return to the homepage" button.  I kid you not, if I had not been sitting in a classroom setting, I would have been saying a few choice words at my computer.  I have never been so frustrated, but found so much humor in a situation.  So, sorry honey, for making fun. I totally understand now.  :) 

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Rachel said...

Molly I love that your going back to school! You will be awesome!!