Saturday, October 11, 2008

Into a new season

Fall, I think is officially over. We are suppose to have snow this weekend. Crazy, seems like just last week when I was commenting on how pretty all the leaves were. Now it is going to be cold and snowy for months to come. :) Oh well, I am living in Utah. What can you expect but changing weather all the time.
It is not only a change in yearly seasons, but a change in seasons at the Soderquist house. This is the first week in a while that I have felt we are back into a routine. Trav works all day and come home to follow the cooking instructions on our blackboard to make dinner. I go to school for the first half of the day then go to work the last half. It has been a crazy few months, but now everything has settled down. I am loving school, as I have said before. Now I love work too (Thanks, Jenny for telling me about the job). I started working at Jones Waldo, a law firm in SLC, as a receptionist. On their website, they have links to all their attorneys. I love reading their biographies and what law cases they like to practice. My plan is to read all their biographies a floor at a time, but this is proving way more time consuming than I thought. I have read about 15 biographies but I get side tracked with all the articles they have linked to their pages. I start reading court cases or about awards they have received. I find it so interesting. And all the time the attorneys are walking around probably thinking I am just screwing around on the Internet. If they only knew, I am reading about what cases they have been a part of. I have been told I should be a lawyer and I now I see why. I love to read the cases and hear how they won. I was reading about an attorney who works a lot with cases involving trade-secrets and there was a link to one of his cases. I decided to read about it. I started to chuckle to myself (as one of the attorneys was walking by) as I read the defendant : CR Bard. (that is the company Travis works for.) Well I won't bore you with the details, but CR Bard was accused of stealing some guys design for a stomach thing and pretty much found guilty that they did. After work the day I read that, I told Trav about the case and he responded by saying that CR Bard's stomach division has been in trouble for a while. lol Leave it to Travis to make it all seem ok that his company broke the law. I love it! I am sure there are many more cases to study (hopefully not about CR Bard). I don't think I will become a great lawyer, but maybe I could design websites for lawyers and then I could just read all their cases. That sounds good too! :)


Rachel said...

I can't believe you guys are getting snow!! That is crazy!!

Amberlee said...

Miss Ya!