Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another survey...

Molly's Answers,  Travis' Answers
Firsts, Bests, & Lasts

First Kiss...:  Shane B/ Staci W.
First true love..: Travis/Molly
First scar is from...: Baking Cookies/Learning to ride a bike
First thing you think of in the morning..: My day/ Take out Kimi
First best friend...: Rachel/Tyler
First near death experience...: haven't had one/me neither
First broken bone..: Right arm/never broken a bone (knock on wood)
First memory..: Sleeping over at my Grandparents house in a green room/Great Papou's 100th Birthday
First broken heart..: Floh/Jodi 
Best friend(s)..: Janalyn, My mom/Matt and JT
Best memory..: Spending time with my family and husband/spending time with my family and wife.
Best thing you've ever ate...: Thanksgiving last year/pizza
Best compliment ever recieved..: "you are a good cook"/"you amaze me on a daily basis"
Best holiday..: Thanksgiving/Christmas
Best season..: I love them all/Spring
Best piece of clothing...: Sweatshirts/Khaki pants
Best thing you've ever done...: Got married in Vegas and getting Kimi (it's a tie)/Gone to the Oregon Coast.
Last Kiss..: Travis/this morning
Last person who stayed at your house..: Tabor and Kai/Tabor and Kai
Last time you said "I love you" & meant it..:  Last night/Last night
Last person who made you laugh until you cried..: Travis/ Homer Simpson
Last movie you watched..: Search for Spock ("You Klingon Bastard!- Best line of the show!  lol)/Search for Spock
Last serious thought you've had..: Having Kids/Fertility/Fertility
Last person you talked to on the phone..: My Mom/My mom
Last meal..: A not very tasty casserole/chicken Casserole
Last time you cried..: Watching some lady win a million dollars on Wheel of fortune (I didn't really cry, just got weepy.) lol/Can't remember.

I love doing these things.  I just discovered a website full of them at bzoinks.
Great now another place to waste time on the internet! :) 

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