Monday, February 14, 2011

We belong in the zoo

This weekend we took Baby to the zoo for the first time. He was very excited about it especially when he slept for the first hour of it. Thankfully, he woke up after the lions and was way excited to see the river otters. Maybe excited is too strong of a word... he was enthused. Maybe it was the fact that he likes to put his hands on the glass (along with every other germy kid this side of the Rocky Mountains) and stare at whatever is on the other side, or maybe it was the actual fact that he was amazed that there was something moving on the other side of the glass. Either way, the otter house kept him entertained for about 10 minutes, which is a ton of time in a 9 month olds life. He also enjoyed the emus, and seemed to want to interact with the gorillas. It was great 'family time' and I am even more excited that we bought a zoo membership so I can go there an spend time with the other animals.But the most memoriable thing of the day was what Soder got on film. To set the scene: Soder is filming a normal looking black crow when I come out of the bathroom with Liam. There are no other people around and no other birds.

After watching the video I was laughing so hard because it is so innocent when he says, "That bird said hello." I am just really happy at the end of the film it actually does.

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Digger said...

Holy crap that video made me laugh! Traffic is a riot!