Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shhh, don't tell Soder!

While I was doing a bit of spring cleaning today, I let Baby play with one of Soder's toys. In case you don't know, my husband loves comics and superheros and 'collects' some of the action figures. He isn't like those crazy collectors that keep them in the boxes, but he does keep them on a shelf and doesn't usually play with them. I have warned him that this would be changing, and now it has. (The one that Baby is playing with is one that has no tiny parts that can fall off.)

It looks like he is contemplating how to go about getting Wolverine.

Wow, I wonder what Adamantium tastes like?

Huh, tastes very plastic-y.


Digger said...

How could Traffic get mad at a face like that?

Debbie said...

Not the special toys!!
What a cutie. How could you deny him anything?