Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not for the squeemish!

About a year ago a very pregnant Moto got out of bed to help a sick dog throw up in the bathtub. When she mustered her big body out of bed, she managed to step on a needle in the carpet that was from a previous tennent. She found the needle in the carpet after the fact and saw that part of it was missing. (the tip part) She thought to herself that there is no way that it could have been lodged in her foot, but she took precautions and put ointment on it and a band-aid and moved on with her life. (it would twinge pain every so often, but nothing horrible.) It took a LONG time to heal.
And after Baby was born, she did make it into the doctor to get a booster shot for Whooping Cough, (which also has a tetanus shot with it, coincidentally) and she asked the Dr. about her toe. He poked it with a needle (ironic) and checked it out (there was a tiny blood blister looking thing on it.) The Dr. said that the chances of the needle being in there is very slim and not to worry about it, toes take a long time to heal.
So Moto didn't worry about and went on with her life. Then one morning almost a year after the first event, Moto woke up and her toenail was bugging her. So she pulled out her toenail clippers and trimmed the nail. (this is the part where it get seriously icky). After she trimmed it, she noticed there was puss on her finger from her toe. So she squeezed her toe and a black object poked out of an invisible hole on the tip (under the where the trimmed nail previously was). She pulled on the black object and out came about a centimeter size needle!
Now Moto's toe feels fine and she has an unbelievable story to blog about. Moto took a picture of the needle she pulled out of her toe, but only after she figured the only way to guarantee she wouldn't step on it again was to flush it down the toilet. So before the flush, this is the picture of the evidence...
One more round, of ICKY! ICKY! ICKY!


sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

Sheesh, I am glad it came out!!!

Digger said...

THAT IS AWESOME! Glad your foot is feeling better.

Mandy said...

That's horrible! I'm so glad it came out!!!