Friday, February 25, 2011

Let the sunshine!

When the sunshines in the wintertime in the Northwest, you make sure you enjoy it. Everyone gets outside when the weather is nice especially since it has been so cloudy and rainy (I know, I know what do I expect when I live in wet Washington.) We took a long walk when we had some beautiful weather last weekend. (notice the baby sleeping bag and extra blanket on Baby... I said sunshine, I didn't say warm temperatures.) And then we all just hung out in the sunshine by our sliding glass door. I think everyone, especially Thing Two really enjoyed it. (Thing one was happy to have the couch all to herself while we were all on the floor)

It was just a great time and we all were in better spirits after we had a little vitamin D boost. Can't wait until the next sunny day, hopefully it will include some higher temperatures too. I am itching to break out my flip flops.

2 comments: said...

We have lots and lots of cloudy weather here in the North East too! When it hits 35 in the winter I break out the flip flops! We have really cold cloudy winters so 35 feels hot. When the sun is shiny here EVERYONE is out. Sounds similiar to Washington.

Debbie said...

Those giggling photos are too adorable! I love those:)